Karol G is the girl in the 2023 Corona commercial

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Snoop Dogg and Andy Samberg still rock it in the Corona commercial: Andy is an experienced comedian, and Snoop can actually match his energy, sharing a hilarious mood while stating his lines. But in March 2023, a new face joined the team, and a few people in the US are asking who the girl (or the woman) is. Those who follow the recent developments in Latin music know it: she’s the famous Colombian singer Karol G. Let’s understand how she got there.

You can watch the 2023 Corona commercial with Snoop Dogg, Andy Samberg, and Karol G below.

Corona Extra | La Vida Más Fina | Band :15

Karol G is the girl in the 2023 Corona commercial

The woman in the 2023 Corona commercial with Snoop Dogg and Andy Samberg on the beach is the Colombian singer Karol G. She perfectly fits the mood of the ad: a scene where three people are enjoying a pleasant life as experts who know how to have the best experience. A comedian that understands the importance of a smile, a rapper that knows how to treat himself well, and a girl who always loved to escape on a beach and focus on well-being.

Karol G is one of the most famous artists of today’s Latin American music. She recently went viral with TQG, the song she released with Shakira in 2023. She also released a new album recently, Mañana Será Bonito, which contains popular tracks like Gatúbela, Cairo, Provenza, and X Si Volvemos. Feel free to explore her music on our pages.

Karol G is famous in the music world for her ability to express those mixed feelings in complicated love relationships and the need to care about ourselves. She’s also one of the best artists representing the new sound of Latin pop music. All good reasons to represent the face of a girl who enjoys life with a Corona in her hand, aren’t they?

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