“I Need a Big Boy”: SZA viral TikTok song, the story & lyrics

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SZA is definitely one of the most beloved music artists of our day. Her songs regularly get viral on social media, TikTok is flourishing with videos made under her tunes, her Kill Bill is still accumulating curiosity, and the other tracks from her last album, Shirt, Low, and Blind, are among fans’ favorites. But in the first months of 2023, TikTok is getting crazy about a secret song made by her, looking for the line “it’s cuffing season, I need a big boy.” The truth is that it’s not an official song released by the singer but a skit created in a few minutes, in December 2022, for Saturday Night Live. Let’s discover its story, lyrics, and meaning in this article. You will also find the full lyrics at the end.

“It’s cuffing season, I need a big boy”: the story & lyrics of the SZA song viral on TikTok

The song with the line “It’s cuffing season, I need a big boy” is a skit prepared quickly by SZA for her performance at Saturday Night Live, aired on December 1, 2022. You can watch her show directly from SNL official Youtube channel below, where she performed the song with KeKe Palmer, Ego Nwodim, Cecily Strong, and Punkie Johnson.

Big Boys - SNL

Surprisingly, this song, born as a short skit for the show, became viral on TikTok, as many people loved the melody and the lyrics. It’s cuffing season, I need a big boy” expresses the need of a girl to have a strong man with her during winter, when it’s cold outside, and you wish you had warm love with you. Even in the form of assertive acts of physical passion, as the “cuffing season” hints: being handcuffed in bed with your lover is indeed an acceptable way to warm up a winter night.

It’s cuffing season
And now we’ve got a reason
To get a big boy
I need a big boy
Give me a big boy

TikTok went literally crazy with that song. The videos under the tag #bigboy keep increasing, with creators singing, dancing, and relating to the message shared by SZA. The singer was evidently surprised by the success of his tune, expressing her astonishment on Twitter: “The way y’all blew up a spoof song from SNL is KILLING ME,” she said on December 22.

And now SZA has to deal with the fact that all fans want her to release the song officially. Now that all social media are full of the most variegate versions of the track (including false allegations of a contribution by Doja Cat), it could be one of those situations where the audience’s demands drive the artist’s release plan. You can see on Twitter the increasing list of fans disappointed for not finding any official version of this song anywhere.

The world needs a big boy for the cuffing season. Or better, SZA needs to make a final point to this story, once and for all.

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The complete lyrics

Below you can find the full lyrics of SZA skit song Big Boy.

It’s cuffing season
And now we’ve got a reason to get a big boy
I need a big boy
Give me a big boy (Big, b-big, b-big, big boy)

It’s cuffing season
And all the girls are leavin’ to get a big boy (Big boy)
I need a big boy ((Big boy))
I want a big boy

I need a big boy w-wit’ polar bear arms
Keeps me warm in a winter snow storm
Wind chill is bitin’ but his jackets are zipped
He bring in my groceries in just one trip

Till the sun comes back, I need a big boy hottie
Makes his own heat with his boy boy body
For the next three months, skinny boys is dead
Forget a six-pack, I need the whole damn keg

Big boy w-with a big ole back
A California king, refrigerator stacked
With steaks on steaks on steaks on steaks on steaks
Bu-bu-butter, bacon, cheese, and lasagna in the tray

Need an enormous man with an enormous stand
Feeds me snacks with his enormous hands
And I hope he asks me to be his winter-wife
‘Cause messin’ with a big boy will change your life

It’s cuffing season
And all the girls be needin’
I need a big boy
I want a big boy
Give me a big boy