Bear is the dog in The Farmer’s Dog 2023 commercial

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We all know how vast the competition is around the commercials released during the Super Bowl: every brand tries to stand out among the others with the best ideas, and in 2023 we had a handful of examples that represented important successes in the advertisement world: among the best commercials released for the 2023 Super Bowl, we already shared in these pages the Bud Light commercial with Miles Teller, Popcorners reenacting Breaking Bad, John Travolta & the doctors in Scrubs for T-Mobile, Ben Affleck working at Dunkin’, and the Amazon dog commercial. But another dog won the virtual trophy for the best commercial of the 2023 Super Bowl: the story of Bear, the puppy in The Farmer’s Dog commercial. Let’s discover the commercial and the song inside it!

You can watch “Forever,” The Farmer’s Dog commercial for the 2023 Super Bowl below.

"Forever": The Farmer’s Dog 2023 Super Bowl Commercial

Bear is the dog in The Farmer’s Dog 2023 commercial

The commercial released by The Farmer’s Dog for the 2023 Super Bowl is called “Forever.” It follows the story of Bear, a puppy that grows up together with his master Ava. Ava and Bear grow old together, from Ava’s childhood to the moment when she even has a couple of children. And Bear the dog follows her along all those years, proving his health with a long life: a perfect message from a brand dedicated to healthy food for dogs.

As USA Today explained, it took five different dogs to The Farmer’s Dog to portray the virtual long life of Bear the dog: their names are Wayne, Samantha, Princess, Bolt, and Blue, and for four of them, it was a debut in the world of advertisement (only Bolt, the dog representing Bear during Ava’s college years, is an experienced dog/actor appearing in many other commercials).

Bear is an example of a chocolate labrador retriever. The so-called “chocolate lab” is a friendly and playful dog that typically lives around 10-12 years. In The Farmer’s Dog commercial, we can assume Bear live from Ava’s early childhood (let’s say seven years old) to her early mom’s years (when she’s probably 20+ years old). Therefore, Bear is living a longer-than-expected life, probably thanks to the high-quality food he has every day. “Nothing matters more than more years together,” as the commercial’s tagline says at the end.

What’s the song in the commercial?

The song you hear in the background is Forever by Lee Fields. You can listen to it in full streaming here on Youtube. Lee Fields is a long-time American soul singer who’s been active since 1969. Forever is a song from his last album Sentimental Fool, released in 2022.

Below are the lyrics you hear during the Farmer’s Dog commercial.

I wanna hold you forever
I wanna love you forever

Don’t worry darlin’ about the rest of our lives
Through thick and thin, I’ll be there by your side

I wanna hold you forever

I’ll be there, you don’t have to worry

A love song about being together forever, in a commercial about the long-lasting, unique relationship between a dog and his master: The Farmer’s Dog managed to create a memorable commercial that touched a chord with everyone.