Who is in the H&M 2023 Holiday commercial?

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When a new H&M commercial comes out, it’s usually time to discover something new. It can be a song, a new actress, or a unique collaboration with an influential director. For the 2023 holiday season, the famous clothing company partnered with photographer Mikael Jansson, who ran many campaigns for them in the past. And the ad is so full of stars that it’s hard to recognize them all.

Most part of the H&M 2023 holiday commercial was shot in black and white, a typical artistic choice for Mikael Jansson. The concept behind the new collection is to “explore the dialogue between womenswear and menswear,” as H&M explained in the press release: the fashion brand intended to create a balanced collection with a style that can be adopted both by men and women. And the idea behind the ad is “togetherness”: the commercial shows a long sequence of famous stars with their families, sharing the beauty of H&M clothes.

The long, 2-minute version of the commercial is available here:


The list of stars in the H&M 2023 holiday commercial is so long that it’s easy to miss someone if you want to name them all. Among the people you see in the ad are:

  • Milla Jovovich: the American actress and model appears with her whole family; here you can see her husband and their three kids.
  • Bobby Gillespie: the leader of the rock band Primal Scream is with his two sons, you can see him here.
  • Sage, Paloma, and Ama Elsesser: in this shot you can see the American Skateboarder Sage Elsesser with his two sisters, the models Paloma and Ama.
  • Isabella Emmack and Victoria Massey: the two American models are together in one of the most fashionable moments of the commercial.
  • Malgosia Bela: the Polish model is present with her son Jozef, here they are.
  • Ariana Simone: the two models appear together here.
  • Mona Tougaard: the Danish model presents H&M womenswear alone, you can find her here.
  • Lauren and Chloe Nguyen: the two New-York based models are together.

The list is incomplete, but H&M didn’t officially disclose the names of all personalities involved in the 2023 Holiday commercial. If more names come up, you will surely find them in this article.

H&M never misses to state its presence in the special moments of the year, and its ads always leave a mark in the world of advertising.

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