The Green Day song in the 2023 Taco Bell commercial

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Yes, the Green Day sound is pretty recognizable, and fans haven’t failed to recognize it immediately after the new Taco Bell commercial was released. The social networks went on fire, with many people asking if that was really a song from the American rock band, and it wasn’t easy to find confirmation. If you need more info, this is the article for you.

Taco Bell has a long tradition of commercials with interesting songs that stand out. Even recently, he used a track from another music personality with many fans on social networks, Teezo Touchdown. But of course, using Green Day is like hitting the jackpot, and of course, the ad became pretty discussed over the Internet. You can watch the original 2023 Taco Bell commercial with the Green Day song here on The sponsored product is the same $5 Cravings Box we discovered with another exciting song this year.

The song featured in the commercial is Look Ma, No Brains by Green Day. You can listen to it in full streaming below.

Green Day - Look Ma, No Brains! (Official Music Video)

It’s Green Day’s latest single, released just a few weeks before the Taco Bell commercial, and that’s why fans haven’t recognized the song immediately. The song was released on November 2 as the second single from their new album Saviors, set for release in 2024.

The lyrics you hear in the commercial are the following:

Maybe I got terminal vertigo

I said, “Look ma, I ain’t got no brains”

The song has a typical punk attitude, with words referring to the self-destructive spirit according to which we are all losers. The band has been active with its music since the 80s, with the popular period starting from the 90s: their songs are often addressed to the young generations, speaking about the confusing life in the modern world. Look Ma, No Brains perfectly fits the band’s attitude.

As usual, Taco Bell does an excellent job proposing exciting musical scores for their commercial campaigns: Green Day has been the biggest name involved this year, but next year, there will surely be something else worth discussing on these pages.

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