Online games you probably haven’t played

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Exploring new games can translate to more cognitive flexibility as you have to adapt to unfamiliar rules, environments, and challenges. The constant problem-solving that comes with novel game mechanics and scenarios stimulates critical thinking and develops decision-making skills. So, if you are tired of playing the same games, here are some less known titles you might like! 

Warhammer 40,000: Vermintide 2

Vermintide 2 is a first-person action game developed by Fatshark, and it is set in the Warhammer Fantasy universe. The game is a cooperative multiplayer experience where players assume the roles of heroes battling against hordes of Chaos and Skaven forces. The plot is centred around the combined threat of these two factions and the heroes’ quest to thwart their plans and prevent the apocalypse. 

You can choose from different character classes, each with unique abilities and weapons, to strategically combat the various enemy types. Vermintide 2 encourages teamwork as you progress through various missions, facing challenging enemies and powerful bosses. You can use melee weapons or choose ranged combat, as well as collecting loot to improve your characters and acquire better equipment.

Rogue Company

Released in 2020 by First Watch Games, Rogue Company  is centred around a group of elite mercenaries, known as “Rogues,” who are hired to complete various high-stakes missions. You have to choose from a set of characters, each possessing unique skills and a different playstyle. The game offers a variety of objective-based game modes which involve teamwork, strategy, and tactical gameplay. 

If you like fast-paced, team-based action with a strategic edge, then you will love this game. You can also upgrade your weapons and equipment during rounds using in-game currency. Rogue Company stands out for its cross-platform support, allowing players on different gaming platforms to compete against each other. 

Ready or Not

If you are a fan of realistic and immersive gameplay, where careful planning and strategic thinking are the main focus, Ready or Not may be an excellent choice for you. The game places players in the role of elite SWAT teams, tasked with handling high-risk scenarios such as hostage situations and terrorist threats. You must navigate tense environments, make strategic decisions, and employ a variety of tactics to neutralise threats and accomplish objectives. The game features a single-player campaign as well as co-op and competitive multiplayer modes. Ready or Not is designed for players who appreciate the complexity of tactical shooters, with an emphasis on a precise execution of plans.


Squad is another realistic tactical oriented game. As opposed to Ready or Not, Squad focuses on large-scale, team-based military engagements. The game doesn’t revolve around a traditional plot. Instead, it immerses players in intense battles where they have to strategise and use their communication skills.

Squad appeals to players who appreciate the immersive experience of military simulation and the importance of teamwork on the battlefield. The game offers expansive maps and realistic weapon mechanics, in order to create an authentic combat environment. You have to join forces with other players to complete objectives and engage in large-scale firefights. 


All things considered, if you are looking for some new games to explore and break away from the popular titles like CS: GO, League of Legends, and Wild Bandito, the 4 games above are captivating alternatives that might pique your interest. 
Dive into the immersive world of tactical shooters with games like Squad or Ready or Not. For those drawn to cooperative multiplayer action, Rogue Company provides a dynamic blend of strategy and fast-paced combat. Otherwise, explore the Warhammer universe with Vermintide 2 for a thrilling first-person adventure against hordes of enemies. Find some useful lifestyle tips and tricks here