The 2023 Taco Bell commercial song by Teezo Touchdown

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Taco Bell has a long history of ads with memorable songs that go viral on social networks. We had already covered the commercial they released at the beginning of the year, with a track by White Reaper that caught the spotlight with its energy. It happened again in September 2023, with a glamorous song that many fans recognized at first listen: it’s the last single released by the American rapper Teezo Touchdown. Let’s discover it.

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Mood Swings: The 2023 Taco Bell commercial song by Teezo Touchdown

The song featured in the 2023 Taco Bell Grilled Chicken Burrito commercial is Mood Swings by Teezo Touchdown. You can listen to it in full streaming at the end of this article.

Teezo Touchdown is a relatively emerging rapper with a unique musical and fashion style. He started publishing his music on social networks already in the early 2010s, but he became famous more recently. The music scene started talking about him in 2020, when he released three singles that later became the symbols of his musical style: Strong Friend, Careful, and SUCKA.

Since then, his popularity kept increasing, and his name became hot in the American hip-hop scene, with artists like Tyler The Creator, Lil Yachty, and Travis Scott calling him to collaborate in their new albums. Mood Swings is part of his debut album, How Do You Sleep at Night?, released in 2023: a unique mix of funk, hip-hop, and pop music resulting in a precise, catchy attitude. After all, he explained that his first musical influences were Rick James and Prince.

The lyrics you hear in the 2023 Taco Bell commercial are the following:

It seems when I get my hair done and go outside
Humidity is high

If it’s not one thing, then it’s two things
Wee! Another mood swing
If it’s not one thing, it’s a few things (A few things)
Wee! Another mood swing

The song is about how easy it is to change your mood. Sometimes, you feel happy, you live your life normally, and then something random happens that worries you or puts you in a bad mood. Something you forgot, or anything that happens on an average day. And you keep going “back and forth, back and forth.”

You can follow him on Instagram, where you can also enjoy his particular fashion style, with nails on his hair and chains around his neck. Teezo Touchdown found a perfect way to promote his song and album: his music gives the ideal energy to the 2023 Taco Bell commercial.

Teezo Touchdown - Mood Swings (Lyric Video)

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