The 2023 Apple Watch commercial: the song & the features

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Every year, you know that fall is coming because the leaves change color, the temperatures drop, and Apple releases new products that will dominate the market for months. That usually means that a new commercial campaign starts, and we already saw what happened in 2023 with the iPhone 15 Pro Titanium and its commercial. The other commercial that went viral in 2023 is the one for the Apple Watch Series 9, with that magic feature that uses your fingertips and that catchy song in the background. And obviously, that sparked curiosity among all Apple fans worldwide.

You can find the long version of the 2023 Apple Watch commercial here on Youtube.

The 2023 Apple Watch commercial: the song & the features

The 2023 Apple Watch commercial was released in September, right after the Apple event. The most relevant new feature announced in the commercial is the unique feature that allows you to use your Apple Watch without touching the screen: you can double tap your index finger and thumb together and perform actions like answering a call, playing, or pausing music. It’s the feature that caught the spotlight in the commercial and the main reason why Apple fans are watching the spot over and over again.

“Magic at your fingertips,” the commercial says in the end. Indeed, in the spot, we can see many people performing all kinds of actions with their two fingers while doing other stuff: answering a call while beekeeping, stopping the alarm, taking a photo with the iPhone, or pausing the movie on TV. It’s the typical new technology that catches the interest of those who want to stay updated on the latest tech trends, which is precisely the target of all Apple products.

The commercial also went viral because of the catchy track in the background: the song in the 2023 Apple Watch commercial is Ya Ya Power by KingupingU. You can watch it in full streaming below.

KingupingU - Ya Ya Power (Official Music Video)

KinguPingu is an emerging musical reality born in 2020. They describe themselves as “a Penguin Collective making music for our Penguin friends. Music that lifts us up, gives us energy, and keeps us warm in our icy cold habitat.” Ya Ya Power is their most successful song so far and was already used in 2021 by the underwear brand Bonds for this commercial. And its lyrics perfectly reflect the spirit of the Apple Watch, with the feeling of power that touching something gives you. You can find below the words you hear in the 2023 Apple Watch commercial:

The peak of my power
Every little thing that I touch
Is feeling my power

Once again, Apple released a new viral commercial, allowing people to discover new features, music, and technologies. It’s the least we expect from their advertisement campaigns.

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