Invasion Season 2 finale explained: Caspar, Trevante & the portal

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After 20 episodes full of plot twists and surprising developments, Invasion has come to the Season 2 finale, and the outlook is still open to many possible evolutions. Season 2 presented a lot of events, and we already exposed all of them here in our plot recap. But the ending of Season 2 has brought us into another dimension, closer to the aliens, through a special portal opened by Mitsuki. We are with Trevante, who seems committed to fighting the invaders, and Caspar, who is showing signs of a different nature. It’s the moment where everything needs to be explained: let’s analyze it together.

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Invasion Season 2 finale explained: Caspar, Trevante, and the portal

All the events we saw in Invasion Season 2, from the beginning to its finale, pointed in the same direction, and one recurrent sentence has clearly explained it: everything is connected. Even the four protagonists of the series, Mitsuki, Trevante, Aneesha, and Caspar, happen to act all in the same direction when it comes to the season 2 ending. From this point of view, humans are behaving as a unique organism fighting the invaders: Mitsuki uses her special connection to keep the portal open, Caspar seems at ease in passing through it, Trevante was there with the others, led by Caspar’s drawings, and Aneesha is close to her kids, who are playing a crucial role in this extraordinary connection humans can have with the aliens in Invasion.

However, many questions are left unanswered, especially when watching closely the ending scene of Invasion Season 2. We know that humans are fighting the aliens in different ways: the kids – including Luke, Aneesha’s son – can enter the alien organisms’ minds and stop them. Even killing them, as episode 10 shows: while the military is shooting at the alien entities, Luke is holding the power of the other special kids, and all together, they block and kill the creatures in front of them. Meanwhile, Mitsuki has the special ability to open the portal through which humans can access the “other dimension”: a parallel universe where the aliens are connected, a hive representing the central alien brain.

There are no doubts about Trevante’s intentions: he sacrificed his connection with his family for his personal war against the aliens; he always believed he was destined to be there, in this unique position in the fight; he seems perfectly under control, always aware of what’s the best thing to do, and he’s also armed with the right weapons, including the black shard that seems so dangerous to aliens. He starts using the shard against the walls in the other dimension, and he can see how the alien structures seem to collapse after contact with that weapon.

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The problem, and the biggest mystery of Invasion Season 2 finale, is with Caspar, and that definitely needs to be explained in the future Season 3. There have been many doubts about Caspar’s role in this season. “His connection with the aliens runs deeper,” as the doctor explains at some point, but now we can no longer be sure it is a good thing. Monty, the kid who helped Jamila find Caspar, got some hints before the others, and fueled by his love for the young girl, he’s trying to warn everyone: Caspar is not the same boy they’ve always known. He hears voices, but the voices are different than the ones talking with the other kids. Caspar’s memory is fading away. And the last scene of Season 2 confirms all these worries: an alien shade crosses his eyes right before the season finale, leading us to wonder if Caspar is actually driven by the aliens, acting now for their purpose.

Is Caspar controlled by the aliens in the Season 2 finale of Invasion? We cannot tell for sure, but the message that that scene wants to convey is that Caspar is not entirely in control. And knowing he’s now leading Trevante in the other dimension, we are now left with the curiosity about what can happen in Season 3: Invasion is destined to continue, the creator has even a vision of a possible Season 4, and the war against the aliens is still on. Trevante will fight with all means possible, but Mitsuki may be lost now. Aneesha will still dedicate her life to protecting her kids, Luke and Sarah, who are probably still playing an important role against the aliens. And Caspar will have to reveal his true intentions for the remaining plot of Invasion. Possibly showing the ultimate alien goals: in Episode 5 of Invasion Season 2, Mitsuki manages to have a short conversation with the alien entities beyond the portal, and the aliens seem surprised to hear her question about why they decided to invade planet Earth. Did the aliens really come to Earth to invade it, or were they always there, invisible, until humans attacked them in Season 1?

This is already a step into the possible theories that are supposed to explain the plot and the ending of Invasion, from the beginning to the Season 2 finale: Caspar and Trevante are already there, on the other side of the portal. The rest will come, probably around 2025, and we will be here, waiting for it.

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