Invasion Season 2 explained: the full plot recap

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When Invasion was out in 2021 with its first season, it rapidly became one of the best sci-fi stories of the last few years. The concept is a classic: the aliens invaded the world, and humans are now trying to survive. Season 2, which premiered in August 2023 on Apple TV+, continues the plot with the same main characters of the first season. Many elements need to be explained: we will guide you through the series with this full recap.

You can watch the official trailer for Invasion Season 2 here on Youtube.

Invasion Season 2 explained: the full plot recap

Season 2 of Invasion takes place four months after the events we watched in the first season. Before Season 2, we slowly discovered the aliens attacking Earth, and at some point, we had the feeling that humans managed to defend our planet from the invasion. However, the ending of Season 1 was already clear: the alien ships were landing on Earth, ready to start the invasion.

The situation on Earth needs to be explained in order to follow the plot of Invasion in this recap. The military and the World Defense Coalition are fighting the aliens, trying to resist. But it’s a war humans are losing; the aliens keep conquering more territories on our planet. Also, the methods used by governments and the military led to the rise of the so-called “Movement,” a group of civilians resistance that tried to survive their own way, boycotting the authorities. The way Invasion Season 2 begins, the Movement seems committed to protecting humans from abuse or attack.

In this context, we follow the adventure of Aneesha Malik and her two kids. Aneesha was one of the main characters of Invasion Season 1: her husband died, killed by other people fighting against whatever they were afraid of. Aneesha’s son, Luke, is the one who found the black metal tool that seems to have the power to destroy aliens, and he’s also able to hear sounds connected to the invaders. They get caught by the military, but then they join the Movement. With some effort, Aneesha started trusting the movement, and now that the military has kidnaped her daughter, they are doing their best to find her. We will see how things will go with them in the next episodes.

Another big plot branch in Invasion Season 2 is the one following Mitsuki, which needs to be explained in this full recap. Mitsuki was the one who established the communication with the spaceship that was nuked in season 1. She was trying to communicate with Hinata Murai, the astronaut she was in love with. Mitsuki will live feeling responsible for Hinata’s death because she believes Hinata was still alive inside the alien spaceship when the military attacked it.

In Invasion Season 2, Mitsuki works with the billionaire Nikhil Kapoor, an independent individual who founded a mission around the first alien spaceship attacked. Nikhil kidnapped Mitsuki and sent her into the spaceship, convinced she could communicate with the aliens again. She manages to hack the SOS call the attacked spaceship sends to the alien mothership, helping the military locate it. In Episode 3, humans successfully nuke the alien spaceship, but that triggers a new, more violent wave of alien attacks. Also, in Episode 5, Mitsuki succeeds in establishing real communication with the alien, speaking Japanese. In that short conversation, it seems the aliens don’t understand why the humans attacked them, implying that they weren’t trying to invade Earth. What does it mean, what did the aliens really want when they came? Let’s see if we will discover more about it in Season 2.

The other two threads of the plot of Invasion Season 2 are the one around Caspar and Trevante, the other two protagonists from the first season. Caspar is the only person who can communicate and stop the aliens. We discover he has been moved to a Paris facility controlled by the World Defense Coalition, and he’s now alone in that facility after they got evacuated. Jamila and his other schoolmate are going to him. Meanwhile, Trevante never stopped being active in his war against the aliens, leading him far from his family. He’s looking for answers, following Caspar’s notebook, and he seems to be driven by Caspar’s drawings.

Many elements still need to be explained in Invasion Season 2, and this plot recap will guide you episode after episode. Let’s see what happens next. We will still have to see what happens to Caspar, the teenager who was another protagonist of Season 1. Stay tuned.

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