Druski stars in the 2023 Google Pixel x NBA commercial

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When you release a new commercial and the whole Internet starts to talk about it from the very first day, you know you nailed it. And it didn’t even take too much effort for Google: for the new ad promoting Google Pixel 8, they just involved a personality able to catch the spotlight, and the rest came by itself. In the new Google NBA commercial released in 2023, everybody recognized Druski immediately, and the presence of NBA star Jimmy Butler almost went in the background. Let’s discover what happened.

You can watch the 2023 Google Pixel commercial with Jimmy Butler and Druski here on iSpot.tv.

Druski stars in the 2023 Google Pixel commercial campaign

The 2023 Google Pixel commercial stars the NBA player Jimmy Butler and the Internet personality and comedian Druski, and it’s part of a new series of ads Google plans to release this year, all with Druski as the protagonist.

At the beginning of the ad, Druski uses his new Google Pixel 8, wondering if he can become NBA commentator. The rest of the commercial shows how he would behave in that role: his funny comments after Jimmy Butler scores a 3-pointer marks an immediate difference from what we usually hear during a basketball match. Imagine watching your next favorite NBA match with Druski calling a player “daddy” after scoring: only a commercial can bring us on that level of imagination.

Druski already appeared in another Google commercial in 2023, the ad that became famous for the guy saying “I am next.” You can find it here on our pages.

The commercial with Jimmy Butler is part of Google’s new commercial campaign, where Druski imagines himself in all the possible roles he can become in the NBA world. The campaign is titled “Project Built Different,” you can see the anticipation of all the ads we will watch in the video below.

Google Pixel x NBA: Project Built Different

Druski, whose real name is Drew Dawit Desbordes, is a social media personality and comedian who gained fame for his comedic skits and pranks on video social networks. rise to fame began in 2017 when he started posting comedic videos on Instagram. He quickly gained a following and began collaborating with other popular social media personalities. In 2019, he joined the video-sharing app TikTok and continued to grow his fan base with his humorous and often outrageous content.

His popularity caught the attention of famous rap artists in the American music environment, who involved him in their official videos: you can see Druski in Laugh Now Cry Later by Drake and Lil Durk, and he’s also the bus driver in Jack Harlow’s Tyler Herro, among others. More recently, Druski has been on tour as a comedian, as you can see in the dates he announced on Instagram.

It’s one of those faces you don’t forget, even if you didn’t know about his fame on the Internet: his role in the Google Pixel commercial stole everybody’s attention despite the presence of an NBA star like Jimmy Butler in the first ad. It’s a typical example of teamwork: sometimes, your best contribution to a scene is what drives the attention toward the real star. And this year, the protagonist is definitely Druski. From now on, you can follow his adventures on Instagram.

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