How To Leverage MetaTrader for Multi-Asset Trading

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Trading the various financial markets (stock, crypto, forex, options, etc.) requires technical and fundamental analysis knowledge and familiarity with tools to improve decision-making and find profitable opportunities.

What Are Multi-Asset Trading Trends?

Multi-asset trading trends are market trends playing out across multiple markets and asset classes, such as currencies, commodities, cryptocurrencies, stocks, etc. In simple terms, multi-asset trends describe trends caused by factors such as economic and geopolitical events that impact traders’ sentiments.

Many traders diversify their portfolios across multiple assets to take advantage of various levels of volatility to protect their financial value and increase profits. This creates the need for a platform that allows traders to manage their assets in one place without switching apps or brokers. The MetaTrader 5 (MT5) trading platform is a popular platform that provides traders with these tools to manage their portfolios in one place.

What Is MT5?

MT5 is a powerful all-in-one platform developed by MetaQuotes. The platform offers a variety of tools and features to help them become successful at trading. One of MT5’s most attractive features is its ability to help traders find and ride multi-asset trends on a single platform.

It is easy to monitor and trade various assets at the push of a button, enter and close trades, and analyze multiple markets and assets with similar efficiency. MT5 also allows traders to integrate their accounts from one or more brokers in one place, allowing swift and efficient switching.

Various MT5 Tools and Features for Multi-Asset Trading

There are four widely used tools and features that traders can leverage:

  • Multiple screen setups: unlike some other platforms that only allow traders to view single charts at a time, MT5 allows multiple charts so traders can analyze different charts simultaneously. This is useful for managing multiple assets in a portfolio.
  • Analytical tools: MT5 has a range of advanced technical analysis tools, such as charting tools and indicators. Some tools are more suited to analyzing certain markets. For example, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and stochastic oscillator are best for stock charts. These customizable tools allow traders to personalize their experience for better performance.
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  • Automation: traders can leverage expert advisors (EAs or trading robots) to automate trades on MT5. The app allows traders to build or import EAs. They are customizable, allowing traders to set instructions.
  • News hub: another important feature that makes multi-asset trading efficient is the news hub, where trending news that impacts markets is delivered in real-time. Multi-asset traders analyze market news to find trends across many assets; this improves their decision-making so they can find trends early.
  • Portfolio management tools: SL and TP help traders manage their trades so they can auto-exit trades at preset prices. They are effective for trading many assets at a time without having to perform such actions manually.

How to Use MT5 to Ride Multi-Asset Trading Trends

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Here’s how you can use the sophisticated features on MT5 for effective trading:

  • Identify market trends

Identifying correlations, trends, and interdependencies among several asset classes can help you to identify trends that apply to various assets at the time. You can then adopt and implement a strategy that best fits the context. For example, you can choose a strategy that considers stocks and commodities with currencies, allows a synergy that enhances portfolio diversification, and improves return margins.

  • Choose assets to trade

Once you identify market trends and establish the direction the market is headed, our next action should be to choose the assets to trade. You can choose a basket of instruments that are moving in the same direction as the market trend.

  • Use a strict risk management strategy

Your strategy should incorporate effective risk management to help you achieve your multi-asset goals. Use TP and SL on various trades to manage your entries.

  • Monitor and adjust trades

Ensure you check trades as they progress, watching out for market changes and potential reversals. You can adjust your trades to take advantage of price continuation movements in the direction you predicted.

Effectively trading multiple assets is possible through MT5’s technical tools and advanced features available to traders.


MT5 is an expansive platform with powerful tools for managing assets in one portfolio. Traders can learn to identify and ride multi-asset trends using various analytical tools and can automate trade via expert advisors who only implement specific strategies. The potential for MT5 to help traders succeed with diversifying their portfolios across assets and markets and reach higher returns is quite attractive for traders of various experience levels.