Jennifer Coolidge, the actress in the Discover card commercial

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The advertising world allows us to discover (or rediscover) actors and artists who are not famous for all generations. You realize it when a new commercial comes out, like the ad released in October 2023 by Discover card for their cash back feature, and many people wonder who the actress is. She’s Jennifer Coolidge, a well-renowned name for those who paid attention to movies in the 90s and 2000s. Let’s discover her and the commercial.

You can watch the Discover card commercial with Jennifer Coolidge at the end of this article.

Jennifer Coolidge is the actress in the Discover card “cash back” commercial

The actress starring in the Discover card “cash back” commercial released in 2023 is American actress Jennifer Coolidge. She became famous worldwide in 1999 as Stifler’s mom, the character appearing in the final part of American Pie. You will surely remember from the video below.

Best of Finch and Stifler's Mom | American Pie

That role marked the career of Jennifer Coolidge for years, elevating her as an icon for sexy mature women.

Among other famous movies where she played, we can find Legally Blonde (she was Paulette), A Cinderella Story, and Zoolander. She was also in many popular TV shows, including a couple of guest appearances in Sex and the City, Friends, and Nip/Tuck.

More recently, she collected a lot of nominations as best actress for her role in The White Lotus, the HBO series released in 2021, where she plays Tanya McQuoid (here you can see her best moments in the series). She was also Karen Calhoun in The Watcher.

Jennifer Coolidge was already a protagonist in 2022’s advertising world with another commercial that caught the spotlight: the Old Navy Christmas commercial, where she sat at the piano, smiling and singing that memorable song everyone asked about in those days. You can find it here on our pages. And while Old Navy moved on involving Natasha Lyonne, another iconic character from American Pie, Jennifer Coolidge partnered with Discover for their new card commercial.

The idea behind the Discover card “cash back” commercial is easy: Jennifer Coolidge plays an odd woman who wants to feel special and believes the cash back option of her Discover card is something exceptionally dedicated to her. Thomas, the guy sitting with her, explains that Discover does that to everyone and has a hard time trying to make her pay while she keeps expressing her thoughts freely. Does everybody have cash back? Even Debbie John, that old friend who stole her bike?

We all know the feeling. Talking to bizarre people who listen only to the thoughts in their heads can be a challenge, especially when you are expected to help them with something. And yes, normally, big brands have offers valid to everyone. That means we are not special, but it’s also reassuring: everybody deserves to be spoiled with a new offer from time to time.

Introducing Discover® Cashback Debit

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