Natasha Lyonne stars in the 2023 Old Navy commercial

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Sometimes, a good commercial doesn’t need a revolutionary idea or a shocking concept. Sometimes, it’s just about giving the product the perfect space and making it stand out, allowing it to stick in people’s minds because of a few well-defined elements. It’s what happened in 2023 with the new ad released by Old Navy, starring the actress Natasha Lyonne and the new pants sold by the clothes brand. Let’s see it together.

You can watch the new Old Navy commercial released in 2023 at the end of this article.

Natasha Lyonne stars in the 2023 Old Navy commercial

The actress featured in the new Old Navy commercial released in 2023 for the Pixie Pants is the American actress and filmmaker Natasha Lyonne. Natasha is famous for many movies she played over her career: when the Old Navy commercial was released, she was 44.

Natasha Lyonne is best known for her roles in various films and television series, as well as her distinctive voice and unique on-screen presence. Her first breakthrough performance was in the 1999 movie American Pie, where she played Jessica. She’s the girl who talked with “the Sherminator” in this iconic scene.

Among her notable roles, Natasha Lyonne is famous as Nicky Nichols, one of the main characters of Orange Is The New Black (listen to her wise words in this video). She was also in the 199 classic film But I’m a Cheerleader, in Slums of Beverly Hills, and in the Netflix series Russian Doll, for which she’s also creator and co-writer.

Natasha Lyonne has gained a reputation for her offbeat and eccentric roles, as well as her distinctive voice and comedic timing. In addition to her acting work, she has been involved in directing, producing, and writing projects. Her performances have earned her critical acclaim and a dedicated fan following.

Her appearance in the 2023 Old Navy commercial hits the target: Natasha Lyonne is one of us, a girl wearing a fabulous pair of Old Navy pants and receiving a compliment. And there it goes: you start overthinking, trying to come up with a good answer. But after all, the best reaction is the simplest: “Thanks! They are Old Navy.” And off she goes, confidently, proud of how she managed the situation.

The 2023 Old Navy commercial wins the jackpot because it’s simple and direct, and Natasha Lyonne is perfect in a role close to our real-life experience.

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