The Old Navy commercial & actress Jennifer Coolidge

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For the 2022 Christmas season, Old Navy had the excellent idea of a commercial that will stick in everybody’s mind pretty much forever: a recognizable face jumping into a Christmas situation with a piano, singing in a funny way, and making everybody smile. The commercial went viral, and many people wondered where they saw the actress playing the piano: she’s Jennifer Coolidge, and many don’t precisely remember in what famous movies and TV shows we saw her. Let’s discover it!

You can find the official Old Navy piano commercial here on Youtube.

Jennifer Coolidge, the actress in the Old Navy Christmas 2022 piano commercial

The actress playing the piano in the Old Navy commercial released for Christmas 2022 is the American actress Jennifer Coolidge. She became famous worldwide in 1999 as Stifler’s mom, the character appearing in the final part of American Pie. You will surely remember from the video below.

That role marked the career of Jennifer Coolidge for years, elevating her as an icon for sexy mature women.

Among other famous movies where she played, we can find Legally Blonde (she was Paulette), A Cinderella Story, and Zoolander. She was also in many popular TV shows, including a couple of guest appearances in Sex and the City, Friends, and Nip/Tuck.

More recently, she collected a lot of nominations as best actress for her role in The White Lotus, the HBO series released in 2021, where she plays Tanya McQuoid (here you can see her best moments in the series). She was also Karen Calhoun in The Watcher.

Jennifer Coolidge can render great dramatic characters, but as shown in the Old Navy piano commercial, she can also be highly ironic and funny, positively changing the mood in a second. The song she plays on the piano is obviously made up, almost improvised, making the commercial even more fun.

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