Dr. Rick and that hilarious Progressive “salad” commercial

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The Progressive Insurance marketing team is one of the most creative and original groups out there. They are always aligned with the recent trends (they proved it with their Barbie commercial released together with the 2023 movie), always able to offer new sketches and comedy situations. They did it again in July 2023 with the return of Dr. Rick and the salad commercial, where we have further evidence about how we are all becoming our parents. Let’s see it together.

You can watch the 2023 Progressive “salad” commercial here on Youtube.

Dr. Rick and that hilarious Progressive “salad” commercial

In the commercial released by Progressive Insurance in July 2023, we see several adults trying to decide the composition of the salad they will eat. It’s presented as an emblematic situation where it becomes evident how we are “becoming our parents”: after a certain age, we start adopting all the typical behavior of our parents. In this case, we start needing a lot of time for simple choices like composing our meals, as seen in the ad.

“Un-becoming your parents” is the funny series of commercials Progressive Insurance has been releasing in the last few months. They are all presented by Dr. Rick, a global expert on that matter. Since 2020, when his first commercial was released, Dr. Rick has been sharing with us his pearls of wisdom about a process that involves all of us: that unstoppable force that pushes us to adopt the bad habits of our parents without noticing it.

In the Progressive salad commercial, we face a typical situation: a self-service restaurant that allows us to customize our salad. But… “Holy cannoli,” as the first person in the ad exclaimed. There are too many choices. “It’s like a science project.” And to our surprise, Dr. Rick explains that it’s not a normal feeling: it’s a clear symptom that we are definitely becoming our parents.

According to Dr. Rick’s hilarious, fictional message, it is still possible to “un-become your parents.” It takes some effort, probably a therapy path, and most likely, we have to buy Dr. Rick’s book. But at the end of this long journey, there is a chance that we will detach ourselves from our parents’ behavioral traits. We are not sure what we will become then, though.

Dr. Rick and his “Unbecoming your parent” series is one of the many conceptual lines offered by Progressive commercial campaigns. Besides him, we have TV Dad and the team that includes Mara, Flo, and the other employees. All ads became very popular on American TV.

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