Progressive insurance commercial cast: meet Mara and Flo

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Progressive Insurance has this unique ability to develop the characters of its commercials in a way that lets us enjoy them like they are part of our family. We already had a long story of complete characters like Dr. Rick and TV Dad, and besides them, two women keep living their funny existence in the commercial series: they are Flo and Mara, two regulars in the cast of their ads. Let’s discover who they are.

Progressive insurance commercial cast: meet Mara and Flo

Mara and Flo are two regular presences in the Progressive Insurance commercial series: Mara is interpreted by Natalie Palamides, whereas Flo is Stephanie Courtney. You can watch them together in this commercial, where the audience got to know Mara’s parents for the first time.

Natalie Palamides is an American comedian, actress, and writer. She is known for her unique style of comedy, which often incorporates physicality and character work. Natalie was born on January 6, 1990, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

She gained recognition for her critically acclaimed one-woman show called Laid, which premiered at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2017. You can enjoy her performance in Laid here. After that, she developed Nate, a confident and exaggerated version of a masculine character that met huge success on the Internet. Nate became also a comedy show that landed on Netflix. You can discover “him” here.

Natalie Palamides has also appeared in various television shows and films, like Bob’s Burgers, and The Powerpuff Girls. In recent years, Natalie has continued to establish herself in the comedy scene. She has performed her shows at comedy festivals and theaters around the world, and her work continues to receive critical acclaim for its originality and comedic prowess. Her presence on American TV as Progressive Mara makes her a recognizable face for everybody.

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Stephanie Courtney is an American actress and comedian, born on February 8, 1970, in Stony Point, New York.

Courtney’s breakthrough role came in 2008 precisely when she began appearing as Flo in the Progressive Insurance commercials. The character of Flo is an energetic and quirky salesperson for the insurance company, known for her distinctive hairstyle, red lipstick, and white apron. Courtney’s portrayal of Flo gained widespread popularity and made her a recognizable face in advertising.

Aside from her work in commercials, Stephanie Courtney has also had a career in film and television. She has made appearances on shows such as Mad Men, The Goldbergs, and Everybody Loves Raymond. She has also appeared in films like Blades of Glory and Melvin Goes to Dinner.

In addition to her acting work, Courtney has performed in various comedy shows and improvisational theaters. She has been associated with The Groundlings, an improvisational comedy troupe based in Los Angeles, and has performed in their shows.

Stephanie Courtney’s portrayal of Flo in the Progressive Insurance commercials has made her a well-known figure in popular culture. Her comedic talent and memorable performances have contributed to her success in both the advertising industry and the entertainment world.

Mara and Flo are the most popular character in the cast of the Progressive Insurance commercial series. On our pages, you can discover more about the other famous characters from Progressive ads: Dr. Rick is here, and here we explore Reginald VelJohnson, the actor playing TV Dad.

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