Top 10 Biggest Casinos in the World

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When it comes to the most massive casinos on the planet, we encounter colossal establishments that can be compared to small towns in size. These extensive entertainment complexes go beyond typical gaming experiences. As prestigious names in the gambling industry compete for recognition, it becomes challenging to keep track of which one offers the best variety of slot machines, fine dining options, and luxurious shopping facilities. Let’s explore these casinos together.

WinStar Casino 

WinStar World Casino, located in the destination of Oklahoma, holds the prestigious title of not only the largest casino in the United States but also the biggest in the world. Boasting an impressive gaming space of at least 600,000 square feet, this colossal casino outshines its competitors with over 7,000 gaming machines, approximately 100 table games, an 800-capacity bingo hall, and a dedicated non-smoking poker room. Remember, you can only find the casino bonus online. 

Casino di Campione

Situated on the picturesque shores of Lake Lugano in Italy, the Casino di Campione reigns as one of the world’s largest casinos, boasting an expansive gaming space covering 590,000 square feet. Remarkably, the casino traces its origins back to 1917, making it not only the biggest but also one of Europe’s oldest gambling establishments. 

Venetian Macau

Venetian Macau stands as the flagship destination among Sands Resorts in Macau, taking inspiration from its counterpart in Las Vegas. This opulent casino complex includes its own enchanting canal, complete with gondola rides, reminiscent of the Venetian in Las Vegas. However, the Venetian Macau outshines its Las Vegas counterpart by being significantly larger; in fact, it holds the title of the biggest casino ever. 

MGM Cotai

MGM Cotai, the second property introduced by MGM Resorts International in the renowned Asian gambling hub of Macau, debuted in 2018. With a gaming floor spanning around 500,000 square feet, the casino houses an impressive array of offerings, including approximately 1,500 slot machines and close to 200 gambling tables. 

City of Dreams Macau

Before embarking on your trip to Macau, don’t forget to pack your comfortable shoes, as our next entry awaits in the world’s most densely packed city. The City of Dreams stands as a hyper-modern destination, boasting three distinct casinos sprawled across a vast area of 420,000 square feet, offering an unforgettable gaming and entertainment experience.


Within the sprawling expanse of approximately 340,000 to 344,000 square feet, guests at this casino will undoubtedly be spoiled for choice. With over 250 gaming tables offering popular options like blackjack and craps, along with a staggering array of more than 3,400 slot machines, the excitement and variety of games ensure an unforgettable experience for every visitor.

Wynn Macau

Our journey takes us further East to the prestigious Wynn Macau once again. This illustrious casino boasts an impressive 294,000 square feet of gaming space, exuding the confidence and sophistication one would expect from a renowned name in casino development. With Wynn’s signature touch, guests are sure to be captivated by the opulence and excitement that this world-class establishment has to offer.


Galaxy Macau stands as one of the largest casinos, boasting an impressive 400,000 square feet of gaming space, making it just 20,000 square feet smaller than the City of Dreams. 

Ponte 16 Macau

Nestled within the charmingly old-fashioned French-themed hotel, Ponte 16 Casino offers an impressive gaming space of over 270,000 square feet, complemented by 408 rooms and 19 exclusive mansions for its esteemed guests. The casino’s allure lies in its alluring European ambiance, which appeals particularly to visitors from mainland China, who are drawn to its nostalgic and elegant atmosphere.

Rio Casino

In South Africa, the Rio Casino Resort claims the title of the largest casino in Africa and stands as the ninth-largest globally. The main casino floor houses 374 slot machines and 12 tables, while a VIP room offers an additional 46 slot machines and two extra tables. Furthermore, the Escapades Theater provides entertainment with 42 of the latest slot machines.