Patrick Mahomes + Chad Henne: the Subway commercial

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When commercials meet sports, you have to expect a lot of fun. Especially with Subway, the fast food brand that always tries to create hilarious scenes involving famous NFL players. We already saw Jayson Tatum in June 2023, but that wasn’t enough: a few weeks later, people went crazy for a fresh pair in another Subway commercial starring two famous quarterbacks in the recent history of the Kansas City Chiefs: Patrick Mahomes and Chad Henne. Let’s see what happened.

You can watch one of the Subway commercials with Patrick Mahomes and Chad Henne below.

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Patrick Mahomes and Chad Henne in the 2023 Subway commercial

The two quarterbacks starring in the 2023 Subway commercial campaign are Patrick Mahomes and Chad Henne. Patrick Mahomes is currently the quarterback for Kansas City Chiefs, whereas Chad Henne has been his backup in the 2022-2023 season: that gave the input for the sketch they put up in the commercials.

The series of ads in the 2023 Subway commercial campaign focuses on the products “PROferred” by those champions: a word pun referring to the fact that they are PREferred by the PROs. Patrick Mahomes is one of the protagonists of the campaign, together with Stephen Curry and Jayson Tatum. But Chad Henne has no intention of leaving the spotlight entirely to them: as you can see in this Instagram post, he was “clearly the star of the show.” Sitting on the bench, but that’s only a detail!

Chad Henne has been playing for the Kansas City Chiefs since 2018, but he announced his retirement in 2023 after a 15-year-long career. On the other side, Patrick Mahomes has been the protagonist of the Chiefs’ latest seasons and is set to become the highest-paid player in the NFL next season.

As we can see in the Subway commercial, Patrick Mahomes and Chad Henne make a funny pair, perfect for an ad campaign led by some of the best NFL athletes of recent years. Raise a hand if you expected it.

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