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After quite a long wait, Bird Box Barcelona landed on Netflix on July 14, 2023, allowing everybody to see how the plot continues after the events of the first movie, released in 2018. The story in Bird Box Barcelona takes place about nine months after everything started, and the events raise many questions: why some can see the monsters? What happens to them, why are they different than all the others? In this article, we will have the plot and the movie ending explained, providing all answers.

You can watch the official trailer for Bird Box Barcelona here on Youtube.

Bird Box Barcelona plot & ending explained: why some can see the monsters

In the plot of Bird Box Barcelona, as in the first movie Bird Box, the world has been invaded by terrible monsters. As spectators, we don’t see those monstery with our eyes, but we witness what happens to those who see them: they lose their minds, unable to stand their vision, and they take immediately out their lives. That’s why people go blindfolded in both movies: it’s their only possibility to survive the world outside. They have a chance only if they don’t see those creatures.

However, in the 2023 movie, we discover the existence of the “seers”: exceptional individuals who can see those monsters and survive. Before the ending of Bird Box Barcelona has explained more to us, the plot gives us some elements to formulate a theory. These special people are led to form a sort of cult (the presence of a priest among them is meaningful) and start interpreting the world according to their unique beliefs, like a religion. For them, their mission is to open everybody’s eyes, forcing them to see the creatures. Most of them will die under that vision, and a few selected them will enter their group.

From the seers’ point of view, what they are doing is “save” people. They act like they are commanded by a God in this. That’s why Sebastián, the protagonist of Bird Box Barcelona, believes he sees the souls of the people he “saves” reaching the sky as if a God is collecting them. Those people are actually dying, but their “religion” makes the seers believe that this death is salvation.

With these elements, the plot and the ending of Bird Box Barcelona can be explained: why can some see? After all, the simplest explanation has nothing to do with religion: the seers are simply pawns who execute the creatures’ mission. The monsters want all humans to die. But after the beginning of this “invasion,” humans learned to blindfold themselves, avoiding their sight. In these conditions, the monsters can have better chances to kill humans if they have some individuals on their side. The seers are the monsters’ disciples, committed to deceiving all other humans, forcing them to see the creatures. This is what Sebastián does in the first half of the movie. He will start doubting his mission at some point, wondering if he’s a savior or a wolf.

The ending of Bird Box Barcelona has also explained a bit more scientifically why some can see the monsters: apparently, past traumas can slightly change their DNA, allowing them to survive the creatures’ sight. The problem is that most of them get converted to the seers’ mission to “save” the others (killing them). Sebastián is the only seer that refused that mission and used his special power to help humans survive. 

The military we see at the ending of Bird Box Barcelona wants to use the seers’ DNA to develop immunity from the monsters. They also captured a creature and used them for their tests. From this point of view, the plot of the Bird Box universe can still continue, and the fight between humanity and monsters is not over. Will we see more in future sequels?

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