HBO’s Full Circle explained: the full plot recap

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Full Circle is a short, exciting TV series that landed on HBO Max on July 13, 2023. Directed by Steven Soderbergh, it presents a complicated plot, with many characters crossing with each other’s stories. Episode after episode, spectators have many questions, and they surely need a plot recap and a guide to what the series is about, what is happening, and why they organized everything. Let’s have everything explained in this article.

You can watch the official trailer for HBO Max’s Full Circle here on Youtube.

Full Circle on HBO plot recap: what is the series about?

The plot of Full Circle starts with a funeral: a young man, Quincy, is dead. He was the brother-in-law of Mrs. Mahabir, a crime boss in Georgetown. From that moment, we see Mrs. Mahabir flying to Guyana. She will soon start to give her men weird orders about kidnapping a boy, asking for a strange ransom, and writing cryptic circles on the streets.

It is objectively hard to understand why kidnapping and killing another boy, Jared, is related to Quincy’s death. And the reason is that it is indeed not related. When Mrs. Mahabir was back in Guyana, she realized her family was the victim of a curse. Kidnapping and killing Jared are part of the instructions she received from a local shaman to break the curse. The full circles, the ransom with an amount matching the number pi, and the order to kidnap and kill Jared were simply the things she needed to accomplish to end the curse.

This is how the TV series Full Circle can be explained, and that’s what a short plot recap needs to state: all the events we see are part of a mysterious ritual pursued by Mrs. Mahabir to break the curse on her family. What we discover in the first two episodes is that the ritual didn’t go as planned. Although Mrs. Mahabir doesn’t know it yet at the end of Episode 2, many of the things she ordered didn’t succeed. In detail:

  • The kidnapped boy was not Jared: the gangsters captured Nicky, another boy who had stolen many belongings from Jared in the past few days. Jared was meeting Nicky that night; Nicky was dressed precisely like Jared and asked him to try his bike. Two minutes later, Mrs. Mahabir’s men kidnapped Nicky, believing he was Jared.
  • The kidnapped boy is not dead: Natalia and Louis swap him with a mannequin a few minutes before one of the gangsters shoots him. The gangsters don’t know it yet at the end of Episode 2
  • The circle is not complete: Derek breaks the circle on the ground with the money bag when he arrives at the park. Nobody noticed it except the spectators.

In Episode 3, more details are progressively revealed in the plot of Full Circle. We discover that Nicky is Derek’s son, and Derek (Jared’s father) somehow refused paternity years before. That could be the reason why Nicky was stealing from Jared: it may have something to do with trying to substitute Jared and have a father again. We also discover that Sam is connected with Guyana: she was involved in a bribing business 20 years before, she gave up her uncle Gene (who needed to quit police) and started her life again, protected by detective Manny Broward.

The plot of the TV series Full Circle on HBO Max continues until the ending. Some of the criminals die, and Mrs. Mahabir is arrested. Sam confessed to her uncle that she was the one who gave him up. She will decide to take responsibility for what happened 20 years before, aware that she will go to jail. We also discover more details about what happened in Guyana, connected to the reason for the ritual and its details. In the last scene, we see the boys back in Guyana. Closing a circle: this time for real.

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