Silo Season 1 ending explained: what to expect in Season 2?

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We can safely say that Silo has been one of the most exciting series released in 2023. People have avidly watched every episode, collecting questions and trying to solve the mysteries that came up every week. Now that Season 1 has come to its ending, some answers have been provided, but more questions have arisen: what will happen to Nichols? Is it confirmed that the air outside is really poisoned? And what else is there, what will we see in Season 2? Let’s have everything explained in this article.

You can watch the official trailer for Silo here on Youtube.

Silo Season 1 ending explained: what to expect in Season 2?

At the ending of Silo Season 1, Sheriff Nichols is sent out to clean. In this final scene, we understand that both the display that shows the world outside the silo and the one in the suits are unreliable: they all show something different from the real world. However, we have a panoramic view of the actual world from above, and we see that the air is really poisoned. Nichols sees it, too, because she has a special suit customized by supply for her.

This allows us to have a clear explanation of what is outside: you have this specific aspect of Silo exhaustively explained in the article below. And in this article, we also reveal the story of who built the silo and why, based on the plot of the books that inspire the series.

Silo has already been renewed for Season 2. No release date has been announced yet, but we will probably have to wait until 2024. However, we can make some assumptions of what is going to happen now that Nichols is outside, based on the events described in the books of the Silo series, written by the American author Hugh Howey between 2011 and 2013.

So, the air outside the silo is really poisoned. Nichols has a special suit that allows her to see the real world instead of a fake rendering of it. That will convince her to keep the helmet on to survive. She has enough air to explore what we see at the ending of Silo Season 1, explained in the last image: a poisoned world is out there. The city in the background is deserted, and no people live outside.

However, a detail can be discovered by carefully watching the last image. It’s something that will determine how Season 2 is going to evolve and will reveal a major plot twist in the series. If you don’t want to know more than what you know so far, you can stop reading this article here and just wait for Season 2 to arrive on Apple TV+. On the other hand, if your curiosity is irresistible, you have below an explanation of what Nichols will discover now that she’s outside.

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If you look carefully at the last image of Silo Season 1, you notice that Nichols walks out of a circle on the ground, which is precisely the Silo where she has been living her whole life. And you see many more circles close to it. So far, this big truth has been hidden from the silo’s inhabitants: there is more than one silo outside. 

When humans started creating them, they decided to build 50 total silos. Each silo is supposed to host a portion of humanity and keep the information about the other silo hidden. Every silo has an IT person in control. The silo we see in the first Season is Silo 18, and Bernard is the authority figure. In episode 9, you can see a hand device he holds, with an “18” written on it: it’s the tool through which he can be contacted from the other silos.

All silos are under the authority of Silo 1, which gets to decide the destiny of all others. When a rebellion threatens the safety of a silo, Silo 1 chooses to terminate it by activating poison gas that kills everyone in the target silo. The plot of Silo evolves in many directions. It will eventually reveal to us who lives in the other silos and what will happen to silo 18, the protagonist of Season 1.

Nichols will be able to enter another silo, and the events will evolve from there. The air is really poisoned outside, but the presence of all the other silos will allow us to follow the plot further, giving meaning to the ending of Silo Season 1, now fully explained.

We will update you once more information arrives about Season 2. Besides that, if you really want to know everything about what will happen in Silo, you can always read the books by Hugh Howey.

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