From Season 2 ending explained: what will happen in Season 3?

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Over the first two seasons, From has kept the viewers involved and actively committed to finding answers. The spectators watched the episodes trying to solve the riddles introduced by the show: how can that isolated town in the woods be explained? And now that Season 2 has come to its ending, more questions have arisen about what will happen in Season 3. Let’s explore the theories and understand what we have seen so far.

You can watch the official trailer for From Season 2 here on Youtube.

From Season 2 ending explained: what will happen in Season 3?

At the ending of Season 2, we have a crucial plot twist that allegedly explained many things: Tabitha enters the bottle tree, as instructed by Victor, and ends up at the lighthouse. The lighthouse is the tower that was always mentioned in the show, the place where the trapped kids can be saved. And after the boy in white pushes Tabitha off, she wakes up in a real hospital, realizing she has actually escaped the town (like Victor’s mom did years before, probably).

This provides new elements to formulate the theories around the series From. You have all the main theories carefully explained in the article below.

However, now that Tabitha seems out of town, a whole new set of theories has been formulated. The ending of From Season 2 sets the direction for Season 3, where many things must be explained. From this point of view, once again, a parallel seems clear between From and another iconic series from the past, Lost, where at some point, the protagonists come back to the real world, and the plot continues to follow them after they return.

Two main possibilities are clear for From Season 3. On the one hand, all the people who remained in the lost town will surely understand that Tabitha made it somehow: as Victor’s mom, she managed to find “something” beyond the tree, and that implies that there is something out there, some other place that can be reached. This will at least motivate someone to attempt the same journey, which for some may still be better than staying there in town.

On the other hand, we see Tabitha’s reaction once she realizes she’s back in the real world, and she’s clearly not happy: now Tabitha is separated from her family, and the only thing she wants is to join them again. That means she will probably try something to return to the parallel world where her family is. According to some theories, the lunchbox Victor gave her before leaving could help her understand the way back.

At the same time, seeing Tabitha in a different dimension triggered another peculiar theory: are we really sure that Tabitha is back in the real world? Or is she in a sort of “new level” of the riddle, still inside a parallel dimension that is trying to challenge humans? This theory has been explored in this thread on Reddit, where many supporting elements have been explained. The hospital logo, for example, looks very similar to the mysterious symbol we often see in the lost town. And the view from the window triggered some questions: everything seemed still, and besides that, the scenery looked too far, assuming that Tabitha was looking at it from the second floor of the hospital.

This gives us some doubt about what really happened to Tabitha. The ending of From Season 2 obviously didn’t provide clear answers, and many things still need to be explained. Season 3 (probably arriving in 2024) will tell us how things continue: will more people leave the lost town, or will Tabitha return to her family and save everybody? Is that the real world, or is it another parallel dimension, another riddle to solve? For all those answers, we will have to wait. Or rewatch all episodes compulsively until more elements come to the surface.

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