Tyler, Nik, Yaz & the Nagazi: who dies in Extraction 2?

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Extraction 2 landed on Netflix in June 2023, and there’s no doubt that everybody will see it, as happened already with the first movie. But curiosity killed the cat, right? It’s ok if you want to know immediately who dies in the movie, especially knowing how the first film’s ending left everything in doubt. We know the protagonists of Extraction 2: Tyler Rake, obviously, his team made of Nik and Yaz Kahn, Tyler’s ex-wife Mia and her sister Ketevan. Plus, the entire Nagazi family, belonging to a dangerous drug and weapon cartel in Georgia (Europe). Let’s see what you are going to enjoy in the movie.

You can watch the official trailer for Extraction 2 here on Youtube.

Tyler, Nik, Yaz & the Nagazi: who dies in Extraction 2?

The plot of Extraction 2 can be explained shortly: Tyler Rake is alive after the first movie, although he was clinically dead for a while. He recovers, and a guy, Alcott (interpreted by Idris Elba), tells him that his ex-wife needs help. It’s about her sister, Ketevan, who is in dangerous jail in Georgia, Europe. Her husband, Davit Nagazi, was the one who got her arrested: he’s one of the prominent members of the Nagazi family, who owns a drug and weapon cartel in Georgia, and he wanted his family in prison so they cannot escape from his control.

Tyler accepts the mission. From now on, it’s an extended collection of frenetic war scenes, killings, and surprising ways of surviving. Ultimately, as you can imagine, Tyler Rake ends his mission successfully: Ketevan and his children are safe, they enter the witness protection, and Tyler’s ex-wife is taking care of them. The action moves from Georgia to Austria. Tyler is alive at the ending of Extraction 2, and so is Nik: they are both wounded after the mission, but they took down most of the Nagazi family (who came to attack them even in Vienna), killing Davit, the other boss Zurab (Davit’s brother) and about a dozen of other Nagazi family. Tyler and Nik get arrested in Austria because of the war they entered in the middle of the city. But in the end, Alcott tells them that his boss can free them if they’ll work for him. We don’t know who this boss is; we must wait for an eventual Extraction 3 (which should be announced soon).

So who dies in Extraction 2? Besides the many members of the Nagazi family, sadly there is a relevant loss in Tyler’s team: Yaz Kahn dies. Yaz was Nik’s brother and a loyal member of Tyler’s crew. He was also in the first movie, helping Tyler in his other mission. Yaz dies in Vienna, after being shot by Zurab before Tyler’s team jumper in the helicopter. This way, Yaz becomes the real martyr of Extraction 2, and the spectators see with emotion the scene where his sister Nik cleans his body that night.

Yaz is the only death among the heroes of the movie. Tyler and Nik are alive and most likely will be out of prison soon. The Nagazi family has been decimated (some of the brothers are alive and back in Georgia, but it’s unlikely that they will come back in the future installments of the franchise). Alcott closes the movie offering Tyler and Nik a way out of prison in exchange for a new job: we will see what will happen.

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