Netflix’s The Surrogacy cast: meet Shaní Lozano / Yeni

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The Surrogacy landed on Netflix’s international stage in June 2023 and immediately became a surprising success. The series is a Mexican production (the original title is “Madre de alquiler,” Spanish for “mother on rent”). Curiosity arose about the protagonist, who stole the spotlight in the cast: Yeni is interpreted by the actress Shaní Lozano, and everybody wants to know more about her and the other movies and TV shows where we can see her. Let’s find out everything we know.

You can watch the official trailer for The Surrogacy here on Youtube.

Netflix’s The Surrogacy cast: who is Shaní Lozano, the actress playing Yeni?

The actress playing Yeni, the protagonist in the cast of the 2023 Mexican drama series The Surrogacy, is the Mexican actress Shaní Lozano. Shaní was born in Xalapa, Mexico, on June 29, 1996: when The Surrogacy was released worldwide, she was 26.

The Surrogacy is the official debut in a TV series for Shaní Lozano. She has never played in TV shows or movies before that. Indeed, her experience so far was in theatre: you can find a list of theatrical works she played on the page dedicated to her on this artist management agency. If you want to know her more closely, you can watch this recent interview she released after The Surrogacy was out. It’s in Spanish, but translators can help.

Shaní started acting when she was 20. She also focused her education in this direction as she entered the Theater Faculty of the Universidad Veracruzana in her hometown, Xalapa.

Therefore, it’s reasonably too early to discover more information about her in general. What you need to know is that The Surrogacy is her official debut on TV, and her performance in the cast surely convinced the audience. We will likely see her again soon in movies and other TV shows. Until then, you can follow her on Instagram, where she’s already collecting new followers.

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