My Fault (2023) filming location: the car chase & the sunsets

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My Fault is the movie released on Amazon Prime in June 2023. Based on the bestseller book by Mercedes Ron, the film had all the elements needed for a big success: a forbidden love story between two step-siblings, bad boys, car races, fights, and a bunch of criminals messing around after getting out of jail. Moreover, the movie shows a long sequence of beautiful places where we enjoy sunsets, romantic scenes, or fancy cars. Let’s discover the filming location of the key scenes.

You can watch the official trailer for My Fault here on Youtube.

My Fault (2023) filming location: the car chase & the sunsets

The 2023 movie My Fault was entirely filmed in Spain, the filming location belongs to various touristic places on the Spanish southern coast.

The movie’s ending scene, with the car chase between the boats, was filmed in Puerto de La Duquesa, a beautiful town close to Gibraltar. You can find the photo of the port below.

Puerto de la Duquesa – photo from

That’s the most recognizable place in the movie. Many other scenes were filmed on the beaches of the southern coast of Spain, like the beaches of Cabopino and Nueva Andalucía in Marbella, La Gaviota in Manilva, or the Playamar beach in Torremolinos, next to Malaga.

Playamar beach in Torremolinos, photo from

Costa del Sol, the long coast in the south of Spain that goes from Gibraltar to Almería, is also the place where the plot of the book (and the movie) is developed: Noah is forced to move into a mansion owned by her mother’s new husband, where she will have to make new friends. She will get involved in a totally new life that spins around his new stepbrother, Nick. You can explore the touristic areas of Costa del Sol on the dedicated website.

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