Rosalía, Tuya, the English lyrics: is it about Hunter Schafer?

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Rosalía, the globally acclaimed Spanish singer, has set the music scene abuzz with her latest release, Tuya. As fans eagerly immerse themselves in the sultry melodies and provocative lyrics, speculation has arisen regarding the song’s true inspiration. Could Tuya be a heartfelt tribute to Rosalía’s rumored connection with Hunter Schafer, the talented actress from the popular series Euphoria? Let’s delve into the song’s lyrics and meaning and unravel the intrigue behind this captivating theory.

You can listen to Rosalía’s Tuya below.

ROSALÍA - TUYA (Official Video)

Tuya, the lyrics & meaning: is it about Hunter Schafer?

The lyrics of Tuya by Rosalía paint a vivid picture of intense desire and passionate encounters. Lines such as “Solo esta noche soy tuya” (Only tonight I’m yours) and “Solo esta noche eres mía” (Only tonight you’re mine) evoke a sense of intimate connection and shared vulnerability. Combined with the tantalizing phrase “Tú me quieres ver desnuda, yo a ti debajo mi ombligo” (You want to see me naked, me under your belly button), the lyrics hint at a profound bond between the singer and an unnamed lover.

Digging deeper into the speculation, fans have uncovered instances of Rosalía and Hunter Schafer’s interactions over the years. They attended numerous events together, collaborated on the song “Lo Vas a Olvidar” for an episode of Euphoria, and were seen celebrating Billie Eilish’s Grammy win side by side. These instances have fueled rumors of a deeper connection between the two artists.

Furthermore, eagle-eyed fans on social media have compiled threads that highlight Rosalía and Hunter Schafer’s closeness. Tweets from 2019 capture moments where Rosalía expressed her affection for Hunter, thanking her for being there and declaring love during an awards ceremony. While these interactions might be perceived as signs of a close friendship, fans have started to wonder if they held a deeper meaning.

While the connections and interpretations may pique curiosity, it’s important to approach these speculations with caution. Artists often infuse their work with personal experiences and emotions, which can be open to multiple interpretations. The true intentions behind Tuya remain known only to Rosalía herself.

Tuya has become more than just a song; it has sparked a wave of curiosity among fans, leading them to question the possible inspiration behind the lyrics. With the bond between Rosalía and Hunter Schafer, both admired figures in the entertainment industry, at the center of the speculation, fans eagerly await further insights from the artists themselves.

It’s worth noting that Rosalía has recently engaged with the Puerto Rican singer Rauw Alejandro, and her single Beso, released in March 2023, was her way to announce it officially to all fans. 

To complete the mystery about the lyrics of Tuya: the official lines published under the Youtube video say, “Solo esta noche eres mío,” using “mío,” which is Spanish for “mine” applied to a male subject. This way, Rosalía’s song would say, “only tonight you are mine,” talking to a man. But in the snippet she shared initially, the line contained “mía,” referring to a female. That’s what also led Cosmopolitan to assume that the song is about Hunter Schafer.

Only time will reveal the true meaning behind Tuya by Rosalía, but one thing is certain: the singer’s artistry continues to captivate audiences worldwide, leaving them yearning for more of her enchanting melodies and soul-stirring performances.

This article is based on fan speculation and should be regarded as such until official statements or confirmations are made by Rosalía or Hunter Schafer regarding the true inspiration behind the song.

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The complete English lyrics

What i want i have
Without forgiveness and without permission
Baby you be careful
I don’t know if you are ready

It’s that I have the talent to make what I imagine happen
I am 10 out of 100
I’ll do it too well so you don’t forget

Only tonight I’m yours
Only tonight you are mine
You want to see me naked
I to you below my navel

Only tonight I’m yours
Only tonight you are mine
Without remedy or cure
We are two crazy

I know that you like me more than a first day of summer
I know that you saw me
You can’t cover the sun with your hand
My skin is heating up

That goes your favor
A piece of heaven
That’s my taste
Just tonight I’m yours YOURS

Only tonight you are mine
Mine without remedy or cure
We are 2 crazy
Sex with me is high

From the renaissance I am a sculpture
I love you
you are a beauty
I am your devil in your devil night

I’m soft like cashmere
Play this guitar well hit the fret
Divine intervention I am your future
you are a son of a b–h
lucky because you found me
Stick with me for good luck

Hug me and do not let me go
Stick to me I give you luck
I’m your number 7
Only tonight I’m yours

Only tonight you are mine
You want to see me naked
I to you below my navel

Just tonight I’m yours YOURS
Only tonight you are mine mine
without remedy or cure
we are 2 crazy