Tin & Tina plot & ending explained: did the twins kill Adolfo?

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You realize how Tin & Tina caught the spectators after landing on Netflix in June 2023 by how the query “horror movies with twins” became trending after the release. The Spanish horror film is indeed a perfect example of creepy story with two little twins as protagonists and a mother victim of the many misadventures happening around the family. The plot is fascinating, and the ending contains some symbols that must be explained. In this article, we will explore everything.

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Tin & Tina, the plot explained

Tin& Tina is set in Spain in the early 1980s and revolves around a newly married couple, Lola and her husband Adolfo. Unfortunately, Lola suffers a miscarriage of their unborn twins and is told that she can no longer have children. This tragic loss plunges Lola into a deep depression.

In an attempt to find a new path for their family, Adolfo suggests to Lola that they consider adoption. They hear about a nearby convent that cares for orphaned children and decide to pay a visit. During their visit, Lola becomes fascinated with two 7-year-old twins named Tin and Tina. These children are albinos and have an almost angelic appearance.

Lola convinces her husband to adopt Tin and Tina, and the young couple moves into their new home with the children. However, soon unsettling behaviors begin to emerge from the twins. It appears that they are obsessed with sacred scriptures and have undergone strict Catholic upbringing in the orphanage of the convent.

In the midst of all this, the children remain deeply concerned about Lola’s lack of faith in God, and they ardently desire for her to believe. They believe that by asking for a miracle, Lola may find faith. However, their way of communicating with God takes on a particularly creepy tone. It involves hooding the person who wishes to seek God’s help, almost suffocating them in the process.

As the plot of Tin & Tina progresses, Tin makes a specific request for a miracle: that Lola becomes pregnant again. Miraculously, Lola does indeed become pregnant shortly afterward. However, instead of finding solace or faith, Lola becomes increasingly fearful. Far before the ending, the movie explained to us that Tin and Tina possess supernatural abilities, but these powers have a sinister aspect to them. They often manifest in malevolent actions.

Lola starts to witness disturbing events around the children. They seem to have a fascination with the dark side of spirituality and carry out eerie rituals in the name of faith. As Lola delves deeper into the mysteries surrounding the twins, she uncovers a history of disturbing incidents and encounters with those who have crossed their path. It becomes clear that their powers are intertwined with a malevolence that cannot be ignored.

The situation further complicates when Tin and Tina display a disturbing ability to mimic heinous actions. For instance, in an effort to “save the soul of the family dog” after it bit Lola, the twins dismember and clean its entrails, attempting to put them back in place. This morbid act reveals a sinister side to the children.

Later on, a schoolmate of the twins, Pedro, who frequently mocked them, utters a blasphemy. Terrified by this gesture, Tin and Tina are convinced that justice must be served. Shortly after, Pedro has an accident and dies after a few days in a coma, raising suspicion of the twins’ involvement. It’s another example of how the plot of Tin & Tina has explained the twins’ obsession with religion.

The film delves into the dark side of Tin and Tina as they alternate between their angelic appearance and their malevolent tendencies. The plot further unfolds, shedding light on the consequences of their actions and the protagonists’ struggle to comprehend the true nature of the twins and protect themselves and those around them.

Tin & Tina has an engaging plot that explores themes of religion, the mysterious nature of children, and the presence of evil in an unexpected setting.

Now, let’s discuss the ending of the film. After Lola gives birth to her baby, she refuses to have the child baptized, much to the disappointment of the twins. However, taking advantage of a moment when Lola is temporarily separated from the baby and Adolfo is distracted watching a soccer match on TV, the twins seize the opportunity. They take the baby and perform an impromptu baptism in the swimming pool, submerging the child headfirst and keeping him underwater for an extended period until Lola comes to his rescue.

This incident becomes the breaking point for Lola. She confronts Adolfo, expressing her anger and disappointment that he has not been a good guardian for their child. Finally, Adolfo begins to see that something is seriously wrong with the twins. Up until this point, he had always defended them and downplayed their actions, even after the incident with the dog.

In a moment of desperation and realization, Adolfo takes the twins’ Bible, douses it in gasoline, and sets it on fire. This act symbolizes his rejection of the malevolent forces that have been influencing the twins and causing havoc in their lives. As a result of this incident, the twins are taken back to the orphanage of the convent.

As the plot of the movie comes to the ending, Tin and Tina are shown back at the convent, getting ready to go to bed on a stormy night. Thunder and lightning fill the air, which the nun explains as the manifestation of the wrath of God. Meanwhile, Adolfo and Lola are seen in the living room of their house after a disappointing evening at a restaurant. Lola appears disillusioned with Adolfo, feeling that he has failed both as a husband (not supporting or helping her when she had doubts about the twins or when she was afraid of them) and as a father. Adolfo, however, believes that he can change and promises to “fix” things. He goes upstairs to adjust the television antenna and soon after, the baby’s crying can be heard. Lola is about to go to the baby, but she decides to wait and let Adolfo handle it. Shortly after, the crying stops.

The storm grows more menacing, with lightning intermittently illuminating the house, and a song that the twins used to listen to begins to be heard throughout the house. After Lola turns off the music, screams from Adolfo are heard, indicating that he is being burned alive. Unfortunately, Lola is unable to save Adolfo, and the house starts to go up in flames. Desperate, Lola goes upstairs to get the baby, but the baby is not in the crib. She searches all the rooms, crying and screaming desperately. As she searches, she sees the silhouette of the crucifix she had removed along with the others. In her despair, Lola takes a pillowcase and tries to suffocate herself. After a moment of silence, she hears the baby crying. She searches for the baby again and finally finds him in the room. Lola manages to save herself and her baby. This leads to the ending of Tin & Tina, which can be explained separately.

The ending explained: did the twins killed Adolfo?

During Lola’s awakening in the hospital, the nun from the convent informs Lola that the twins were sleeping at the convent that night and couldn’t have been the cause of the incident. This revelation suggests that the twins are innocent regarding Adolfo’s death.

Let’s see how the ending of Tin & Tina can be explained. Lola is seen with the twins during Adolfo’s funeral. One possible explanation for this ending is that Lola felt guilty for returning the twins to the orphanage and believed she had been a bad mother to them. During the stormy night, when she couldn’t find her baby, Lola asks God for a miracle as the twins had taught her. Shortly after, she hears the baby crying and finds him. Additionally, the nun confirms that the twins were at the convent during the night. These circumstances lead Lola to genuinely believe that the twins are innocent.

Another interpretation could be that the twins managed to leave the convent during the night, as they had already shown the ability to kill the dog despite being supposed to be asleep. They might have crossed the forest, set Adolfo on fire as he had burned their Bible, and then took the baby. They kept the baby until they had the proof that Lola finally believed in the possibility of a miracle and had found faith. In the last scene, Lola says “Amen” for the first time in the film, embracing her faith in God as the twins had desired from the beginning.

The ending of Tin & Tina can be explained with various interpretations, creating an atmosphere of mystery and ambiguity surrounding the twins’ actions and motivations. Different readings are possible, and it is up to the viewers to interpret the plot based on their own understanding and perspective.

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