Four sports that Betano will offer to its clients in Canada

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Betting on sports in many countries like Canada is becoming more popular by the day. Many people decide to give it a chance because some sports have a lot of good options. Sadly, not all bookmakers allow people to decide which market to get.

Speaking of markets and sports, people who use some bookies can wager on ice hockey and basketball. Interestingly, other sports on the Betano website are also available to those who open an account, which may not surprise some because Betano is Canada’s premier sports betting site.

As one of the few brands accessible in many other parts of the globe, such as Brazil and Europe, Betano is a site that has a lot more than others think. It’s an easy-to-use and good-looking operator, which is why it quickly rose to the top in Canada. 

Nowadays, users have a casino category, virtual sports, and top-tier sportsbooks. The latter will be the focus of this article because it’s time to look at six popular sports you will have access to.

  1. Basketball

If you check the left corner once you enter Betano in Canada, you will find some of the most popular sports on the website. The first name that comes on top is basketball, which won’t surprise sports fans in the country because this is one fo the preferred options for many fans.

Deciding to bet on basketball at Betano will give you access to a large number of markets for all events. Sure, the NBA ones will provide more things than others, but there will always be at least a few alternatives to pick from. For example, some of the most popular markets include Game Winner and Over/Under, Halftime/Full Time, and more.

If you decide to bet on basketball and open a given match, you may also find special offers or exclusive deals just for it. For example, there are cases where users can find enhanced odds or even cashback bonuses.

  1. Ice Hockey

The second sport on the list of more popular options offered by Betano is ice hockey, one of the go-to sports in Canada. Almost everyone watches the NHL and roots for their favorite team, which is why betting on ice hockey in Canada is a lot more advanced than in other parts of the world.

When you decide to stake on this sport at Betano, the latter will allow you to choose from the AHL, NHL, and the World Championship. Some matches will offer more selection than others, but you should always find enough markets to pick from. For example, Series Correct Score, Total Games in Series, Spread, and Top Points Scorer are just some of the things that will be available all the time.

  1. Baseball

Even though this sport is probably more popular in the States, Betano’s clients n Canada can also bet on different baseball games. There are at least a couple of options to pick from and it includes things like the MLB and NCAA from North America, as well as the leagues in countries like South Korea, Japan, and Mexico. Some people have been betting since the Deadball Era, whereas others are new to the sport.

All baseball leagues are popular in Canada, but locals usually choose the MLB because it’s home to the best. The matches here provide many markets, and baseball is one of the most interesting sports for live betting. As a result, Betano will allow its customers to wager on live selections.

  1. Soccer

Although soccer is not the biggest sport in the country, Canada’s World Cup 2022 participation had a very positive effect on the sport. Since Betano focuses a lot on the European market, it knows how to provide the best soccer betting options. Consequently, Canadians who choose this sport have the chance to pick from all sports leagues and access a lot more markets than usual.