Fake Profile plot & ending explained: Camila, Miguel & David

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Fake Profile had such an intricate plot that it’s no surprise if it reminded you of Latin-American telenovelas: every character hides a mystery; the relationships with all others are often wrapped in secrets, and every episode hides a new twist. You probably need to have the sequence of events and the ending explained: how are Camila and Miguel alive? And what is David hoping for now? Where are all the others? Let’s understand everything together.

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Fake Profile plot & ending explained: Camila, Miguel & David

In the beginning, the plot of Fake Profile is pretty straightforward: we meet Camila, a nightclub dancer who dates Fernando, a man she found on Tinder. There is a strong chemistry between them, and the two develop a relationship that lasts some months. But one day, Fernando disappears. He will say that he has to return to Colombia because his sister is in the hospital, and he doesn’t know when he will be back. Camila is disappointed and decides to book a flight and try to find Fernando. Once she arrived, she discovers that Fernando was a fake identity: his name is Miguel, he’s married to Ángela and has two children.

She makes a weird decision: instead of leaving, she hires David to pretend to be her husband, and she moves into the house next to Miguel’s, in one of the luxury apartments owned by Angela’s family. At that moment, we don’t really understand her motive: even David is puzzled. Slowly, things will get very complicated: Àngela’s father, Pedro Ferrer, installs cameras everywhere, including Camila’s house. Two break-ins occur, and even Camila’s ex-boyfriend, Vicente, arrives in Colombia. The plot collects one twist after another until the ending, where things are explained. Let’s reveal the truth directly now, so we can follow back the sequence of events knowing what they mean.

So, back in Las Vegas, Camila falls in love with Fernando/Miguel. Miguel is actually married to Ángela, and Pedro, Ángela’s father, wants to get rid of him: he never liked him, considering him only an opportunist. Pedro has brain cancer, he’s going to die, and he wants to break the bad relationships his children have before his death: he plans to force Ángela to divorce Miguel so that he won’t manage his business. For that reason, once he sees Miguel cheating with Camila, Pedro sends Tina to hire Camila: Camila would fly to Colombia, rent the house next to Miguel and do her best to cause the divorce. That’s why Camila makes all those weird decisions: although she is in love with Miguel, she decides to stay and provoke him because Pedro pays her.

Pedro also has plans for his other kid, Adrián, who wants to marry his boyfriend, Cristóbal. Pedro wants to prevent that marriage too, but for a different reason, explained by Miguel at the ending of Fake ProfileCristóbal is Adrián’s biological brother; they share the same mother, who had a short relationship with Cristóbal’s father years before. To destroy the relationship between Adrián and Cristóbal, Pedro pays the gigolò Inti, who will cause the breakup. It’s not a coincidence that the two characters working in the sex/erotic industry are the ones paid to do the dirty job. However, Inti is not doing it only for money: he really wants to marry Adrián and refuses to step back once his job is done.

The plot of Fake Profile is hard to be explained, things get tricky because all characters come together. Even Vicente, Camila’s ex-boyfriend, comes to Colombia, called by Tina as a backup plan in case Camila doesn’t do her job. But Vicente immediately becomes a problem: he wants to bring Camila back. That’s why he dies at the end: he didn’t do what he was paid for, creating more problems than solutions.

Pedro’s plan seems successful: Ángela wants to divorce Miguel, and Adrián breaks up with Cristóbal. But at some point, truth emerges. Camila decides to reveal the truth to Ángela, and a violent fight explodes between them. Camila seems dead, and Miguel will have to get rid of her body. But at the ending of Fake Profile, we discover that Camila is still alive, and Miguel hid her. Miguel seems to die too, then he reappears in the last episode. Ángela is in shock and shoots, killing her father. Miguel and Camila fall from the window, but they are alive.

How has the plot of Fake Profile explained everything in the ending? Ángela goes to prison for her father’s death. Camila returns to Las Vegas, again back as a nightclub dancer, and David follows her because he loves her. But Miguel is always around her, and David seems to know it. Two men are competing for her now, and she doesn’t seem to show a preference for any of them. Camila was paid to go to Colombia and break Miguel’s marriage, but we can be sure she has feelings for Miguel. And we cannot deny a special relationship with David as well. It all started with the sensation that she was the victim of a narcissistic mind, and we ended up realizing that everything she did was planned for her interest.

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