Did Chick-fil-A ever make a “woke” commercial?

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Social networks can have the power to change public opinion, even if it’s just for a short time. They can be polarized against something, riding people’s emotions. And it’s always helpful to analyze what triggered those emotions, and if the reason is proportionate to the intensity of the reaction: it will help us be more effective in how we act and judge the situations. May 2023 has seen a wave of social complaints against the popular fast-food chain Chick-fil-A, as part of what has been labeled as “anti-woke” positions. And people who saw that reaction wonder if Chick-fil-A ever did a woke commercial and what triggered this reaction. In this article, we will state the facts without any opinion so you can develop your position autonomously.

Did Chick-fil-A ever make a “woke” commercial?

In short, no, Chick-fil-A never made a “woke” commercial. And most likely, they will never make it in general, as they never tried to address that specific audience with a dedicated advertisement campaign.

The reason why Chick-fil-A attracted the anti-woke reaction in May 2023 is that an old interview has resurfaced on the internet: it’s an interview Chick-fil-A founder Dan Cathy did in 2020 during a roundtable at a church in Atlanta. The conversation was about racism and Christian values, and Dan Cathy told a story that happened to him one day in Texas: in a revival that was taking place in a church in Texas, an African-American man stood up and explained his effort in the local community to fight against racism. People were so moved by his contribution that another man got closer to him and made a symbolic gesture, shining his shoes in a sense of respect. You can find the interview here.

The message from that story was about equality and Christian value, not about submission or inferiority/superiority of someone over someone else. And that was a story from Dan Cathy’s personal experience, not a message coming from Chick-fil-A or related to any advertisement campaign. Moreover, the context was a Church, and that message was not meant to spread or represent the company.

In this article, we presented the fact without expressing any position regarding the controversy. The goal is to provide the factual elements that can allow you to develop an autonomous opinion, based on your own character, using your own thoughts.

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