Which Bitcoin slots will help you win?

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Bitcoin casinos are loved by a large proportion of players around the world. Although the market is still very young, cryptocurrency as a payment service continues to gain popularity. Users appreciate it for its numerous positive features: anonymity, minimal commissions, a wider choice of Bitcoin slot machine games, fast payments, absence of tax payments to the government and others. That said, many users still wonder: is it possible to win big money when betting in cryptocurrency? The answer is obvious: you certainly can! The main condition is to choose the “right” Bitcoin slot machine games.

How do I choose a good Bitcoin slot that pays?

Choosing a good video slot starts with selecting a quality online BTC casino. If you settle on such an institution, even losses will be taken easily. You will realize that luck just wasn’t on your side today. Worse is the situation when you make a mistake with the choice of the playground. As a result, you won’t see your money. The conclusion to be drawn from this is that you should choose your Bitcoin casino responsibly.

Once you have made your decision, register on the playground and fund your account with one of the cryptocurrencies. With too many inexperienced users, this seems like a complicated process that requires special knowledge. It is not. You can easily learn the specifics of blockchain by going this route just once. Wait for the money to reflect in your casino account and start exploring Bitcoin slot machine games from the casino’s library.

To not just have fun with gambling, but also to win money with bitcoin slots, players need to remember that not every video slot is capable of paying as well as we would like it to. There are several reasons for this. We’ll talk about them next:

  • Volatility. It comes in three varieties: High, Medium and Low.

If you are expecting big money, you will have to have a large amount of money in your account yourself. Such games have High volatility, which means the risk of losing a lot, if not everything, increases considerably. You should not expect quick and easy wins. At the same time, if a winning chain of symbols is formed, the prizes will be appreciably high. For those who prefer fast winnings, the games with low volatility. In this case, the wins will come often, but the size will hardly make you excited. To win a large sum, you will have to spend a large amount of time waiting for the bonus game. Medium-risk games combine both of the types described. This means that winnings will happen more often, but the value of winning combinations will be somewhat lower than for the High volatility variants.

  • Choose games with a higher RTP.

RTP is a theoretical indicator. It indicates the percentage amount that will return to players in the form of winnings in the long term. This figure is essentially theoretical, as it is calculated based on a million spins. Logically, no user would be able to withstand such a duration of a playing session. Nevertheless, experience has shown that the models with the highest RTP pay more often. Consequently, winnings come more easily in such variants. The best Bitcoin slot machine games are slots with a payout of 96% and higher.

  • Choose multi-functional slots.

The first slot machines on the internet had no more than 1-2 bonus options. As such, they all had High volatility. Recent years in iGaming have been marked by many discoveries in mechanics and bonus options. Thanks to these, the gameplay in Bitcoin slot machine games has undergone a significant improvement. In addition, innovative engines such as Megaways, Cluster Pays, Book of… etc are increasing players’ ability to pick up big prizes much faster than before.

  • Choose a casino with original games.

The presence of quality certificates in the products available at the online casino guarantees you a fair gaming experience. These games use the tried and trusted RNG. Since the original video slots are loaded directly through the provider’s server, the operator itself has no access to the “stuffing”. This ensures there is no tampering with the results by Bitcoin casino owners.


Every time you bet in Bitcoin slot machine games, remember that they are essentially gambling. It is impossible to predict the results 100% of the time. Take your losses calmly and know how to stop in time. Simply put, stick to the rules of responsible gambling.