The Mother soundtrack: Angel, the song at Hector’s house

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Action movies are fun to watch, and that applies almost every time, at least for most viewers. But that’s just one of the reasons why a film like The Mother would be a success on Netflix: the protagonist is Jennifer Lopez, and in the plot, she’s a special agent who has to disappear after giving birth to her daughter. Twelve years later, the mother must return and save her from her old enemies. Besides many exciting situations, the soundtrack is quite outstanding. One particular song catches the spotlight: Angel, the track in the background at Hector Álvarez’s house. Let’s discover it.

You can watch the official trailer for Jennifer Lopez’s The Mother here on Youtube.

The Mother soundtrack: Angel, the song at Hector’s house

The song you hear in the soundtrack of The Mother when Jennifer Lopez enters Hector Álvarez’s house to save her daughter Zoe is Angel by Massive Attack. You can listen to it in full streaming below, in its official video.

Massive Attack - Angel

Angel is one of the most famous songs ever written by the British band Massive Attack, an iconic example of the fascinating music genre that emerges in the early 90s in the United Kingdom, the so-called trip-hop: a peculiar musical style characterized by its fusion of hip hop and electronic music, as well as its heavy use of samples and downtempo beats. The genre typically features a dark, moody atmosphere with introspective lyrics and sparse instrumentation.

Massive Attack are one of the most prominent representatives of trip-hop, and Angel is the opening song of their most successful album, Mezzanine. The song’s lyrics are pretty cryptic: according to the standard interpretation, Angel is about wholly surrendering to love for someone who will end up hurting you. You can find the most relevant lyrics below:

You are my angel
Come from way above
To bring me love, to bring me love

Her eyes
She’s on the dark side
Neutralize every man in sight, every man in sight

Love you, love you, love you, love you

For many, Angel is one of the most fascinating songs of the 90s. It represents a milestone in the history of electronic music, as we told it here. Trip-hop peaked in popularity in the early 90s, but it’s still considered alive today as an influence on modern productions. In the soundtrack of The Mother, it holds a crucial spot during the plot as the background music of Jennifer Lopez’s rescue operation at Hector’s safe house.

To close the circle, it’s worth mentioning that the movie soundtrack, curated by the American composer Germaine Franco, contains another trip-hop pearl from the 90s: Roads by Portishead, used in the part of the plot where the mother and her daughter spend some days together in the snow.

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