Why “Free Billie Eilish”: is she in jail, was she arrested?

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Something very weird happened in Hollywood on April 25, 2023: a man climbed the KTLA structure on Sunset Boulevard, holding a sign saying “FREE BILLIE EILISH.” And the Internet panicked immediately: there was no news about the American pop singer, so everybody is wondering if she was recently arrested and is in jail now. Let’s understand what happened.

You can watch what happened on April 25 directly in this video published by ABC7.

Why “Free Billie Eilish”: is she in jail, was she arrested?

No, Billie Eilish was not arrested and is not in jail. She hasn’t posted anything on her social networks that day, but she’s totally fine.

The reason why the man held the “FREE BILLIE EILISH” sign is actually unclear. He remained on the structure for some minutes, playing his electric guitar. As Billboard found out, the man later turned the sign on the other side, stating: “MK ULTRA SEX SLAVES DONALD MARSHALL CLONES.” An even more cryptic message referring to Donald Marshall, a man who declares to be an Illuminati whistleblower sharing the secrets of their cloning centers.

This can probably provide more context about the intended meaning of the man asking to “free Billie Eilish.” We don’t know if there is some secret theory about the American singer. After all, there are many examples of famous artists who triggered conspiracy theories about their death and their substitutions with someone else (ever heard of “Paul is Dead” or the Avril Lavigne hoax?), so maybe not it’s time for Billie Eilish to be the protagonist of a new theory.

As of today, the only truth we can share is that the man who held the “FREE BILLIE EILISH” sign was in fact arrested, on trespassing charges.

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