Adobe Software you should Learn to Use

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Knowing how to use certain software is a skill that everyone should have. The type of software that you choose to use is up to your discretion. However, today we will be talking about software created by the famous company Adobe. In order to purchase the license to their software, you need to make sure you have a stable internet connection so that you could access it online and download the software. For an amazing internet service, you should consider getting Ziply Internet because of its popularity all over the country.

Coming back to the Adobe software you need to have, here is an entire list of Adobe Software, what they do, and how you can learn how to use them online:

Adobe Photoshop

The most used software by Adobe is most certainly Photoshop. No other photo editing software could ever come close to how brilliant Photoshop is. Once you learn how to use the software, the possibilities are endless. You can learn photo manipulation, you can tweak changes, soften the skin, and even remove unwanted objects from pictures. Remember that even though Photoshop is very much in-depth, it still isn’t impossible to learn, all you need is a little bit of dedication and motivation and you can learn in no time.

What you can do is you can head to YouTube where you can find various tutorials that can teach you how to use Photoshop quite extensively. If you take your images in RAW format, that would give you more creative space to work around and you can make even more creative images.

Adobe Lightroom

If you don’t wish to go into too much detail and just want to make minor changes, then Adobe Lightroom is definitely what you should be using. Lightroom also gives you some degree of creative space and you can make a lot of interesting things using Lightroom. It is primarily used to deal with color correction, fix lighting issues, and generally make images look a bit better. You can also add a moody effect to your images so that they would look more aesthetic than they normally do. You can even fix the sharpness of your images, you can turn them into black and white or you could just make certain colors pop out so your image would look creative.

Lightroom is relatively easier to use as compared to Photoshop, however, the learning process still remains to be the same. Just head on to YouTube and look for tutorials and you will definitely find some amazing tutorials that will teach you how to use Lightroom.

Adobe Illustrator

If you wish to become a good graphic designer, then you should know how to use Adobe Illustrator. Normally you would be able to create something very similar in Photoshop but Photoshop makes use of pixels while Illustrator makes use of vectors, which gives you more refined and aesthetically pleasing outcomes. There is a lot of demand for graphic designers, therefore you should be quick to learn how to use Illustrator. Once you learn how to use it, the possibilities are endless for you. You can make logos for people, you can make posters, and posts for marketing and you may even make NFTs that you can later sell on OpenSea.

So if you really wish to channel out the graphic designer in you, then Adobe Illustrator is definitely what you should learn how to use.

Adobe Premiere Pro

One of the best ways to test out your creativity is to get into video editing. Video editing lets you experiment with clips and you can make something insanely good out of them. Think of Premiere Pro as the canvas and your skills as the brush and all you need to do is paint a beautiful picture. Out of all of the software mentioned, Premiere Pro is relatively easier to use and you can learn a lot by simply heading on to YouTube and following channels such as PixImperfect which is quite skilled at nearly all Adobe software.

Once you figure out how the software is used, you can create creative videos for yourself, you could work professionally and edit videos for corporate events or weddings and there is a lot more that you can do! Fun fact, many of the popular and famous YouTubers from all over the world tend to use Premiere Pro when they are editing their videos. You can add music, play around with transitions and add interesting effects to all of your videos!

Wrapping Up

When it comes to learning new software, you certainly should not leave Adobe behind because they have some of the best software for you to use. You can use all the creativity you want but you would still be falling short since there are so many possibilities!