“Skibidi bop bop yes yes”: what’s the viral song on TikTok?

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Sometimes you end up hearing sounds on TikTok that catch your attention immediately. They get stuck in your head for days, perhaps you keep listening to them day after day, and it can become hard to find the original tune behind them. Between 2022 and 2023, the viral song that broke TikTok is a sound that people search with the words “brrr skibidi bop bop bop yes yes yes”: a song that went viral after a series of funny videos from a single TikTok creator. Let’s discover the original track, the lyrics, the guy who made it famous, and all the ways TikTok users enjoyed it.

“Brrr skibidi bop bop bop yes yes yes,” the viral song on TikTok

The song that went viral on TikTok between 2022 and 2023 that goes like “Brrr skibidi bop bop bop yes yes yes” is Dom Dom Yes Yes by Biser King. You can find the official video of the song below.

Biser King Dom Dom Yes Yes (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Biser King is a Bulgarian artist who’s been active for a while. Dom Dom Yes Yes is his most successful single, thanks to its popularity on TikTok. The original lyrics are in Bulgarian (you can find them on Genius), but the viral snippet is made of onomatopoeic words that don’t belong to the spoken language. “Dom dom” and “yes yes” are surely verified, whereas “skibidi” is a word that doesn’t mean anything and could just be one of the many ways people hear it. Genius says the work slightly differently:

Trrr shtibidi dom dom dom dom dom yes yes yes yes

The TikTok user that made the song viral is the Turkish video creator Yasin Cengiz. He started using this song in the last part of 2022, combining it with funny videos of himself dancing in front of food, hilariously moving his belly. You find here one of his most viewed videos.

The song became so viral that some users even mixed it with the other viral song of those days, the so-called “Wednesday song,” Lady Gaga’s Bloody Mary in its sped-up version (you have here the full story of how this song gained popularity). You can find here one of the incredible mashups made between these two songs.

So once again, TikTok was the tool that sent a song to the moon in terms of streamings and popularity, as it happened with serious music like Meghan Trainor’s Made You Look or Sam Smith’s Unholy, or funny tunes like the corn song, Microwave Popcorn, or the cat video. And, of course, whenever you want to stay updated, you know you’ll find all the information you need on our pages.

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