The viral corn song on TikTok: the story & lyrics

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You know TikTok often produces viral trends with unknown songs and weird combinations with videos. One of the last trending videos on the social network is what people identified as the “corn song”: in the original video, you can see a young boy who, in an interview, happily says how much he loves corn. The song came out after a musician used the interview snippets as inspiration to create an anthem that “unites the world.” In this article, we will discover more about it.

You can find the original corn song here on Tiktok, reused thousands of times by video creators.

What’s the corn song on TikTok, and who created it?

The corn song on TikTok is called “It’s Corn,” and the musicians who made it are The Gregory Brothers. You can find the track streaming on Spotify or Apple Music, and below, you also have the Youtube official video.

It's Corn - Songify This ft. Tariq and Recess Therapy

The Gregory Brothers are a group of musicians who love to use the trends on the Internet and make songs out of them. Their TikTok page is schmoyoho, and this is their official Youtube channel. They are also the owner of Songify This, a platform where people ask them to make songs out of everything we can find on the Internet. Among their most popular videos, you can also find this remix from Stranger Things, which became famous as “Chrissy, Wake Up.”

It’s Corn is based on this interview published in August 2022 on the Youtube channel Recess Therapy. The boy expresses all his enthusiasm for corn, and the words were so melodic that it became relatively easy for The Gregory Brothers to “songify” them. The first short version appeared on TikTok on August 19, and it became so popular that the musicians made an entire song afterward, which is the one you can find on all streaming platforms and on Youtube (the video above).

The Gregory Brothers wanted to publicly confirm that, like for all their other songs, they will split all royalties with the author of the original video, Recess Therapy. And in this case, also with Tariq, the little boy who provided the words in his interview.

Below you can find the main part of the song’s lyrics:

for me i really like corn
what do you like about corn?
it’s corn!
a big lump with knobs
it has the juice
i can’t imagine a more beautiful thing
it’s corn
i can tell you all about it
i mean
look at this thing
but when i tried it with butter
everything changed

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