The cat video from TikTok: the original song and Ankha dance

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As if often happens, TikTok is a big source of viral trends that include dance lines, catchy songs and video sources that you need to find on the internet. And it’s not always easy, because the source passes usually through several progressive elaborations before it arrives to you while scrolling TikTok feed. One good example is the popular cat video that TikTok users are looking for right now.

One example is the video you see below, shared in June 2022, where the creator asks herself what’s the catchy song and who’s the cat everybody talks about.

Who’s the Egyptian cat and what’s the original source?

The cat they all talk about is Ankha, a character of the famous series Animal Crossing. However, the dance they refer to doesn’t strictly belong to the Animal Crossing series, but it has a different source: a red light parody made some time ago, that not everybody is able to find. This reddit thread has the link to the original video, which is only for adults. While here you can find one of the many Youtube videos that took a short extract of the original parody movie and showed the dance for safe, public vision.

What the song in TikTok cat video?

The original song featured in TikTok cat videos is Camel By Camel by Sandy Marton. You can find here the original version. The song became very popular in 1985, both on charts and clubs.

The version that we hear in the recent TikTok video is slightly accelerated, but you can easily recognize the melody and the words “Camel by Camel”.

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