Rita Ora & Giggs: Belvedere vodka commercial song

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In November 2022, Belvedere vodka released one of those commercials destined to be remembered for a while: directed by Taika Waititi (the director of Thor: Ragnarok, Jojo Rabbit, and Thor: Love and Thunder) and starring Daniel Craig (well, you know), it shows the British actor dancing like no one’s watching under a catchy, modern r&b song. The music is written by Rita Ora and Giggs, two notable British musicians working together on it. In this article, we will discover more about the song in the commercial.

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You can find the original Belvedere vodka commercial (tagged as “the best 1 minute of your life”) here on Youtube.

What’s the song by Rita Ora & Giggs in the Belvedere vodka commercial with Daniel Craig?

The song written by Rita Ora and Giggs as the soundtrack for the Belvedere vodka commercial with Daniel Craig is an unreleased song made on purpose for this ad. The track is untitled, and it’s not yet clear if it will be soon released as an official song, but Rita Ora published the complete snippet of the music on his Youtube channel. You can find it below.

Rita Ora & Giggs - Uh (Belvedere Vodka Ad Soundtrack)

The artists haven’t officially released the song’s lyrics yet. In a perfect modern style, right now, they are letting the buzz levitate until fans are ready for the next step.

Will we soon hear the new song by Rita Ora and Giggs featured in the Belvedere vodka commercial as an independent release? We’ll know soon about it, and you’ll have all updates in this article.

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