Combine business with pleasure: celebrities with gambling hobbies

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One primary risk of mixing business with pleasure is that you will likely neglect your business in favour of your personal life and pleasurable activities. While this may be an issue for many, some celebrities find a balance between work and play. They can maintain their successful careers while having hobbies outside their work. Notably, gambling and casinos are the most popular activities of famous personalities. Many celebrities are free to play slot machines, table games, or even placing a bet on the latest sporting event.

Importantly, since the invention of online gaming, it’s become more accessible for everyone to indulge their casino fantasies. With games like free slot games and roulette available to play 24/7, there are plenty of ways to gamble without even stepping out of your house; hence many celebrities are finding it convenient to gamble and bet from the comfort of their homes.

Celebrities Who Mix Business With Pleasure

Some celebrities who gamble and actively participate in casino and betting games include:

  • Matt Damon. Damon is a renowned celebrity who participates in high stake poker games at the casino. He loves poker because it requires skill, and he enjoys the thrill it brings since it’s a game of chance. 
  • Paris Hilton. Paris, a famous hotel heiress, loves casino gambling. She often plays online casino games and is a household name in party scenes in Las Vegas.
  • Charles Barkley. Barkley, a retired basketball player and a famous NBA analyst, has spent and lost a significant amount of his wealth in casinos. Also, despite losing millions of dollars in gambling, he has won several times by playing blackjack and betting. 
  • Tiger Woods. Woods, a celebrated golfer, is a fan of almost all types of casino games there are. He has been spotted in some of the world’s famous casinos, such as Wynn in Las Vegas. 

Other celebrities and icons who love gambling include Micheal Phelps, 50 Cent, Tobey Maguire, Aaron Paul, Ben Affleck, and Charlie Sheen.

Casino Games Loved by Celebrities

There are a variety of casino games available for people to play. Some of these games are more popular than others. Many celebrities enjoy playing casino games when they have some free time. Here are some of the most popular casino games loved by celebrities:

  • Poker. Poker is one of the most popular games among these celebrities. All these professionals bring different skills to the table when they play poker which is why it can sometimes become competitive when there’s money on the line.
  • Bingo. Bingo offers many benefits making it a game of choice for celebrities. Importantly, with the introduction of online bingo, many people find it a suitable game when looking for a better way to increase social engagement among family and friends. 
  • Slots. Most celebrities are drawn to slot games because some massive bonuses and promotions make them attractive. Players take advantage of the casino bonus and free spins and increase their chances of winning real money.
  • Roulette. Roulette is a convenient game, and you can find various roulette games to choose from. The game offers thrilling suspense and does not have competition. Since the players are not competing, there are many instances when the gamblers cheer, greeting a wonderful atmosphere to enjoy after a long day at work. 

Why Do Celebrities Mix Business With Pleasure? 

There are many reasons celebrities find pleasure activities irresistible irrespective of how busy they are. For instance, while betting at casinos had traditionally been associated with an older generation, more and more celebrities in their 20s and 30s are partaking in the activity. And they love it. Many famous personalities find pleasure in activities as an opportunity to escape the pressures of their day-to-day lives and enjoy life away from cameras and the paparazzi. Also, gambling is a form of entertainment for some. Others find it as simply an escape from a busy career and busy schedules.

How Does One Mix Business With Pleasure

First, understand the nurture of your business and the ways pleasure will impact your business. Usually, the customers buy into the person before expressing interest in the product or service you are offering. Therefore, when choosing leisure activities to engage in, ensure they are activities where you can build healthy relationships with people. 

Also, your pleasure activities will impact your business success or failure and your overall performance in real life. Therefore, continually assess the impact of the pleasure activities and choose the ones with the potential to impact your business and life positively. Engage in activities that build your creativity and allow you to network with other like-minded people.

Notably, you will likely be successful at both by ensuring a balance between your business and pleasure or transforming your hobby into a viable business. As a rule of thumb, never divert resources for business into your leisure activity unless it’s an activity with guaranteed revenue. The best way to ensure the balance is to plan and allocate appropriate resources to your pleasure. The resources include time, money, and effort. Alternatively, if your hobby has the potential to earn you money, then you can invest in it and transform it into a viable business idea. 

Why Shouldn’t You Mix Business With Pleasure?

The risk in mixing business with pleasure is that you will be distracted from your work. Also, you may develop a gambling addiction which can lead to financial ruin. From studies, some people begin gambling as a fun activity. However, with time, people become so addicted that they can’t do without gambling. Notably, celebrities are no exception, as many stars have had their careers ruined by an addiction to gambling or other vices like drug addiction.

Also, participating in pleasure activities such as gambling makes you lower your guard and engage in casual conversions that may give rise to people judging you. Also, there are high chances of revealing so much to people within your circles, creating a high distrust. 

Can Anyone Mix Business and Pleasure?

The above list shows that people can run successful careers or businesses while engaging in leisure activities. Although some icons have lost their career due to over-involvement in pleasure, there are equally many who are doing well, and they do not intend to stop pleasure anytime soon. Therefore, even for an ordinary man, it is possible to mix business and pleasure.

All that matters is to balance between the two and have self-control. The resources and time you set aside for business activities, you should not spend in casinos or any other pleasure activities. One should enact strict boundaries.


Since now you know the implications of mixing business and pleasure, you can objectively assess yourself and decide whether playing casino games is for you or not. From the above discussion, it’s evident that there is no absolute answer on whether you should engage in leisure activities or not. But, what is clear and indisputable, is that you succeed in business while engaging in your hobby. All you need is to enact boundaries and strike a balance between the two. Therefore, the choice is yours.