How to select jewelry that complements your wedding ring

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Weddings aren’t just about holy matrimony. It’s an event that allows you to show your beauty, confidence, and fashion taste.

Your guests aren’t only present to hear the famous “You may kiss your bride” phrase; but to see how much value your makeup, jewelry, and wedding outfits are. 

Luckily, it’s not hard to impress your expectant friends and guests. You would be fine if you use pieces of jewelry that complement your wedding ring.

Doing something about ornaments on your wedding day is non-negotiable if you must convince the crowd. 

Hence, this article will discuss ways by which you can select pieces of jewelry that will complement both women’s and men’s wedding bands. Let’s delve right into it. 

Choose a metal that will complement your wedding ring

The way the metal, color, and appearance of your other jewelry complement your wedding ring can make all the difference. Ensure that the metals and the color of your other jewelry pieces, like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc., go really well with your wedding ring.

This shows that before getting your other pieces of jewelry, ensure that you know the metal your wedding ring is made from and its specific color. 

The fact that you want the other jewelry pieces to complement the wedding ring does not mean that they have to be made from the same metal or the same color. The goal is to make sure they complement the wedding(complement being the keyword). You can combine rose gold with white metals, and you are good to go. 

Meanwhile, ensure you prioritize quality while shopping for jewelry that complements your wedding ring. 

Consider the stones used in your wedding ring

Aside from the metal type and color, another thing to consider is the stones used in your wedding ring. Different types of gemstones can be incorporated into your wedding ring. An example is diamonds. 

Diamonds or other gemstones can be in different sizes, colors, and arrangements. The prices of other jewelry that you wear should complement the gemstone on your ring. 

If you have chosen a wedding ring with a diamond on it, you can use a necklace with a pendant like that on your ring. 

Be minimal

It is quite understandable that not everyone is minimalistic. However, it is important not to wear a lot of jewelry accessories. The goal is to complement your wedding ring and not overshadow it.

Remember that less is more with wedding looks, so do not go overboard with wedding jewelry accessories. You do not want to overdo your jewelry and ornaments to the point where people will be unable to notice the real star, which is the wedding ring itself. 

Focus on the jewelry type

Several types of jewelry are available, ranging from earrings to necklaces and even bangles. You need to select the type of jewelry you want to wear on the big day, which is your wedding day. 

Ensure that you pick jewelry and ornaments that you can still decide to wear even after the wedding ceremony.

Now to do this, keep in your mind that daily jewelry is always simple. So if you still plan to wear your wedding jewelry after your wedding day, you need to keep them simple.

However, if you are not a minimalist, then you can pick what you’re comfortable with over picking a piece of simple jewelry. However, remember that the most important thing is to complement your wedding ring and not break it. 

Ensure that you are comfortable with the jewelry 

It has always been Comfort above Fashion and not the other way. The same thing goes for when you are choosing jewelry that matches your wedding ring. Ensure that you are using pieces of jewelry that you are comfortable with. 

The fact that you want to look your best on your wedding day does not mean you should shove your comfort aside.

You have to be present and available every moment of that day – so it is important to be yourself. Shove all the fashion talks aside and wear ornaments and jewelry that make you feel like yourself. 

Consider the value attached to some jewelry

Sometimes, some pieces of jewelry may be passed down from your family as an heirloom. Irrespective of whether or not this heirloom complement your wedding ring or other jewelry, you may want to consider the value and emotions attached to the heirloom and wear it. 

In the same vein, you should also consider your partner’s and the family’s opinions about a certain piece of jewelry so you won’t end up displeasing people in your quest to look sleek and stunning. 

Consider Your Wedding Dress 

Nothing is as good and gorgeous as wearing a wedding ring and jewelry that match your wedding dress. 

You won’t only be the star of the day, but also the most-watched personality because all eyes will be on your catchy and beautiful outlook. 

Though many people hate going through the stress of finding pieces of jewelry that match their wedding dress and ring, that’s the least you would do to become the shining star of the day. 

Therefore, your wedding dress is an important part of the glorious day which could give you a clue about the best jewelry for the day, especially if your ring matches your wedding dress. 

While this is mostly applicable to the bride, the groom should also consider his outfit while choosing jewelry for the wedding ceremony. You might find some very helpful wedding tips on


In a quest to look like the star you are on your wedding day, make sure not to overdo things by wearing too much. Again, remember that more is less as regards wedding looks. 

For every jewelry piece that you pick, ensure that you are considering your wedding ring and try as much as you can not to pick a piece of jewelry that will overshadow and put your wedding ring in the background.

Your wedding ring is a co-star, so you should treat it as one. Now that you have these tips on how to select jewelry that will complement your wedding ring, enjoy shopping for your wedding accessories. 

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