What’s the song in DSG Twitch + Allison commercial?

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Dick’s Sporting Goods has definitely found a perfect couple of testimonials: the dance duo composed by Stephen tWitch Boss & Allison Holker already joined DSG commercials last year, and in 2022 a new ad is out with the couple dancing under a classic hit. In this article, we will discover the song in the new DSG Apparel Twitch + Allison commercial.

You can find the full commercial here on Youtube.

What’s the song in the new DSG Apparel “Twitch + Allison” commercial?

The song featured in the new DSG Apparel “Twitch + Allison” commercial for 2022 is Din Daa Daa by George Kranz. You can find the original version of the song below.

Din Daa Daa (Original 12" Version) - George Kranz | 80s Dance Music | 80s Club Music | 80s Club Mix

Din Daa Daa was released in 1983 and represented one of the first hits of modern dance. Indeed, we mentioned it in our article about the ten tracks that gave birth to house music.

George Kranz is a German dance music artist. Although house music was officially invented in the United States, one of the main influences of its birth has always been Kraftwerk’s early electronic music, and that’s most likely a natural heritage of Kranz’s production.

The song has no meaningful lyrics, but it simply uses onomatopoeic words like “bump,” “bah,” and “din daa daa” to make the beat more exciting. A classic hit of early dance music, perfect for Twitch & Allison’s moves.

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