Game on: 4 ways to improve your gaming experience

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Everyone has played a game that seems just ordinary despite garnering rave reviews. And this happens even when the game is in a genre we’re drawn to. There’s no real way to gauge how you’re playing experience will stack up to your expectations. However, this often has little to do with the game itself, and a lot to do with how you manage the gaming experience. Improving this experience can go a long way towards helping you enjoy the games you play, regardless of the platform you choose, whether PC or console. If your interest is waning, you will want to identify those factors that rob you of a total immersive experience.

Find the right game – Poor gaming experiences can often be attributed to playing games that aren’t right for you, no matter how glowing the reviews are. Not everyone likes the same thing. While some people love role-playing games, others are drawn to first-person shooters. Therefore, it’s important to identify the games that are the right style for you, whether that’s by talking to friends or seeking advice from sites like

Get comfortable – A totally immersive gaming experience depends heavily on your physical environment. An uncomfortable environment can yank you from that immersive experience and focus your attention on unimportant issues instead. To prevent this, ensure your environment is conducive for gaming. For instance, switch out that office chair for a more comfortable gaming chair that adequately supports your back. Additionally, ensure that the balance between the brightness of the screen and the lighting in the room is optimal so as to reduce eye strain. Lastly, ensure that the temperature of the room is comfortable.

Make some friends – The quickest way to get into a game is to have friends that also play the same game. Gaming is meant to be social and it’s no surprise why services like Twitch have come to prominence. Therefore, it’s a good idea to seek out others who play the same game. If your own friends don’t play the game and you can’t convince them to, you can find friends on streaming platforms as well as other online forums dedicated to sharing tips and tricks.

Better Sound – There are lots of technical upgrades you can execute on your gaming platform. Switching from a SATA drive to SSD drive, purchasing a better monitor or a better GPU are all in the mix. However, sound is too often overlooked as another facet of the immersive experience. In the same way that movies utilize sound to bring a fictional world to life, video games rely on sound to envelop the player. Therefore, invest money in some quality speakers to help improve your experience. Quality surround sound speakers, if you can afford them, will also make a vast improvement on your enjoyment as it allows you to be submerged into the gaming world. Think of gaming as driving a car. Before driving off, you make sure that your mirrors, seat, steering wheel, music and temperature are all adjusted for your liking because only then will your experience be a comfortable one. The same goes for gaming. Before you play, make sure that all factors are optimized just for you and bring some friends along if you have to.

Hemant Kumar Gupta