Ozzy Osbourne, Prince of Darkness: the official Metal Casino brand ambassador

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Every casino welcomes collaborations with influential personalities to increase brand awareness. Who better to do so than an artist who has mastered their craft and has a large fan base? The world knows that Ozzy Osbourne ranks among the heavyweights in his industry. In 2017, the self-styled ‘Prince of Darkness’ landed one of the most lucrative contracts in online casino history. Ozzy became a brand ambassador for Metal Casino, promising to provide players with the most exciting online gambling experience.

Looking back on the last half-decade, casino players are content, as is Metal Casino. True to his word, Ozzy Osbourne has made the online casino one of the largest hardcore online casinos on the planet. His ability to provide genuine value to metal fans is mainly responsible for attracting players and catapulting the casino into the ranks of Titans.

The Path to Success

Ozzy’s career in music has been extremely fruitful. He has sold over 100 million records, won three Grammy Awards, and been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. With his famed Black Sabbath Rock band, the metal artist established a commanding presence in the metal music scene in the 1970s. His vocals can be heard on the band’s hits such as “Master Of Reality,” “Paranoid,” and “Black Sabbath.”

Incubating his talent with MTV’s “Greatest Metal Band of All Time” is probably one of the decisions he has never regretted. His shoulders were itching to carry the entire metal music world by the time he left. In 2013, Ozzy reconnected with his former band, Black Sabbath. They shook the world with world tours, an album, and a spectacular performance in Birmingham, his birthplace. Following this, his fans and detractors agreed that Ozzy was the undisputed ‘Godfather of Metal.’ A well-deserved title.

Collaboration with The Metal Casino

Ozzy’s career at Metal Casino is anything but accidental. He was born a music fan and raised among the elite in the industry. The enchanting destination of the metal music star’s career path as a brand ambassador was almost predetermined. The celebrity has been vocal about his support for the online gambling company since its inception and readily agreed to become one of its shareholders. One of the motivations for his outstanding work as the firm’s face is most likely his partial ownership.

During the signing, Ozzy justified his interest in the company and its activities. He explained that the brand’s stance on truthfulness, relevance, and commitment to visitors’ needs aligned with his own. It resonates with his preference for enterprises that maintain their originality and dedication to the welfare of their fans, which is part of his life’s mission.

Ozzy is now one of the most prominent celebrities promoting casino activities. He is one of the music moguls helping the gambling industry thrive by providing much exposure through his vast platform as a revered artist.

Other Influential Artists like Ozzy Osbourne

As the popularity of iGaming and sports betting grows worldwide, several other well-known artists have jumped on board to become brand ambassadors. Nicki Minaj is one of the most renowned online casino brand ambassadors. Nicki Minaj signed a deal with MaximBet Sportsbook, a rebrand of SportsBetting.com, in June 2022. The contract calls for the celebrated singer to promote the lifestyle components of the online casino for several years.

Nicki is a true sports fan and influencer. She has a massive fan base and incredible business acumen. We can expect her, like Ozzy, to excel in her new role by providing exceptional fan experiences and bundling sports fans into the online casino. Even better, her new position as the Creative Director of Maxim magazine and Special Advisor to the MaximBet Board of Directors appears to be a near-perfect opportunity for the sportsbook to take an auspicious turn.

Mike Tyson is another heavyweight in the world of iGaming and sports betting. In 2015, the legendary boxer agreed to become an ambassador for sports betting company Parimatch. Mike, like Ozzy, attributed his liking for the company to their mutual goals. Another sports legend, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, landed a similar role at Bethard in 2018. The football legend accepted the role because it was compatible with his Swedish roots and values. Despite multiple hurdles, his time at the sports betting company has aided the brand’s rise in the European market. More musicians, boxers, footballers, and other celebrities are expected to join these trailblazers in riding the iGaming and sports betting craze.