Saul & the phone call: what happened to Kim Wexler?

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It’s one of the biggest questions around Better Call Saul’s last season. As the plot progresses, we discover that Kim Wexler left Jimm McGill/Saul Goodman in Episode 9 of Season 6, claiming that they two together are “poison” for the others. She wanted to start a new life, quit as an attorney, and intend to build a positive existence from that moment. But questions are many: What happened to Kim Wexler? Is she alive in the Breaking Bad timeline? Should we consider the possibility of her death? Episode 11 of Better Call Saul Season 6, called “Breaking Bad,” gave us honest answers. And who want to know the theories until this episode can refer to this article.

The answer about her death: is Kim Wexler alive?

We finally got the final answer in “Breaking Bad,” Episode 11 of Better Call Saul Season 6: yes, Kim Wexler is alive. She was alive during the whole Breaking Bad timeline while Saul Goodman follows Walter White in his activities. And, as Francesca confirmed on the payphone call with Gene/Saul, Kim even called her right after Saul shut down his office, asking about him.

Nobody killed Kim Wexler, and the theories about her death were incorrect. Moreover, even the hypothesis about Kim using the vacuum cleaner service of Ed The Disappearer, and getting a new identity after leaving Saul, was not accurate: Kim Wexler still lives with her real name. The proof is that in the black & white scenes of Season 6, Episode 11, Gene asks to connect with Kim Wexler at a place called Palm Coast Sprinkles in Florida, using her real name.

Therefore, Kim Wexler is alive, living and working in Florida after the Breaking Bad timeline, while Gene is in Nebraska. That phone call is the most enigmatic part of the episode: let’s explore the theories about it.

The phone call looking for Kim: what are the theories? And what happened to her?

Let’s start with certainty: in the final episodes of Better Call Saul, we will know what happened in that phone call. Tom Schnauz, Better Call Saul’s executive producer, confirmed it to Entertainment Weekly right after Episode 11 was released. The mystery around that call won’t be left unanswered.

Nevertheless, there are countless theories and questions about her and the conversation during that phone call, trying to interpret Gene’s furious reaction after hanging up. Let’s explore them:

  • Did Gene/Saul actually talk to Kim in the phone call? Some may think he never got to speak to her. But knowing Saul, it’s hard to imagine such an extreme reaction if he was talking with a secretary. And the fact that the final episodes will reveal more truth about it makes us think that there was a real, substantial conversation between the two. Someone even claims that we can hear Saul saying “listen, Kim” through the trucks’ noises, but we cannot confirm that officially.
  • Did Kim suggest to Saul to turn himself in? That could be a possibility. After Saul disappeared, the investigators went after all his companies and accounts, probably even interrogating his ex-wife. Kim may have had trouble following her because of what Saul did after they broke up. Would that p*ss off Saul so much?
  • Did Kim give birth to Jimmy’s child? This is a fascinating, parallel theory that started immediately after the breakup: what if Kim discovered that she was pregnant and decided to leave to guarantee a good life for the child, far from the “poison” of their relationship?
  • The “cancer” theory: it may be just the fruit of extreme fantasy, but here it is. Some fans think that the cancer topic will come back related to Kim Wexler and that she revealed to Saul that she has cancer. That is why she needs money, and Saul immediately starts that new illegal business after that call. It’s probably too much, but it’s fun to think about everything this theory would explain.

All this will have an answer in the upcoming weeks and we will finally know what happened to Kim Wexler. You’ll have all explanations on our pages, as usual.