Better Call Saul: what will happen now to Kim Wexler?

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Better Call Saul‘s sixth season has now arrived at a crucial point. From Episode 9 on, the plot introduced an unexpected twist of the events and gave us some important hints to one of the critical questions spinning around the show: what will happen to Kim Wexler? Will we witness her death? Why is she not in Breaking Bad, and how is the Saul Goodman we see in Breaking Bad born? This article collects all questions and theories that arose after Episode 9, but you can have real answers in the article below, published after Episode 11.

Better Call Saul & THAT phone call: what really happened to Kim Wexler?

In this article, we will recap the hypotheses available back in July 2022, related to the essential character of Better Call Saul: Kim Wexler. The answers are in this article.

What happens to Kim Wexler?

Episode 9 of Season 6 of Better Call Saul had a huge plot twist: Kim and Jimmy join the event at the HHM in memory of Howard Hamlin. Howard’s wife accuses Jimmy and Kim of lying. Kim senses that their cover story is in danger and does something evil: she makes up a story where she once saw Howard snorting substances on his desk. Then she approaches Howard’s wife in a way that psychologically throws her into confusion, making her doubt everything she believed. After they leave HHM, she looks conflicted, and the day after, we discover what’s her plan: she gives notice to the bar that she will no longer be a lawyer, and she packs her baggage to leave.

The explanation she gives to Jimmy is unexpected, and it represents the first time we see the emotions flowing in Kim: she thinks that being together, Kim and Jimmy become pure evil and make the rest of the world suffer. She doesn’t blame Jimmy or herself; she only acknowledges that as autonomous individuals, they are ok, while when they are together, they “become poison” for the others.

The episode’s ending is sad and flash-forwards straight to the time when Jimmy McGill completed the transformation into Saul Goodman: he lives alone, prostitutes come into his house, he becomes a famous lawyer, and Kim is no longer with him. Fans now are wondering: will we ever see Kim again in the show?

Will Kim Wexler be in Better Call Saul next episodes?

We don’t know if we will ever see Kim Wexler again. People are searching for more details about Better Call Saul’s next episode, titled Nippy, that on IMDb lists Rhea Seehorn (the actor interpreting Kim Wexler) in the cast. However, that could be the same list of actors repeated for each episode and doesn’t necessarily mean that Kim will appear in the next episode or any other future episode of the series.

Will Saul even see Kim again?

Here we are in the field of pure theories. There is a chance that what we saw in Episode 9, Fun and Games, marked the end of Kim Wexler’s presence in Jimmy McGill’s life and the series. Fans think this is the episode where Jimmy McGill dies, as Saul Goodman takes his place.

But there is an exciting theory spreading on the Internet for months. After the timeline of Breaking Bad, Saul Goodman uses the services of Ed the Disappearer to start a new life as Gene, the guy working at a Cinnabon. Gene lives in Nebraska, which is where Kim was born. And in one of the black & white intros we saw in the previous seasons of Better Call Saul, there is a scene where he sees something shocking: the theory is that he could have seen Kim, and that sent him into confusion.

We don’t have clues if this theory is accurate, and we can only hope that the ending of Better Call Saul sheds light on it. But if that happens, that would mean that Kim Wexler is still alive.

Theories about death: does Kim Wexler die?

After Episode 9, we can already exclude a theory that took place in the past months: the one assuming that Jimmy turns into the showy, single Saul Goodman because Kim dies: as we saw in the episode, Kim just leaves.

Another theory is that Kim will be using the disappearing service the vacuum cleaner shop offers. That’s now unlikely: Kim already cut the string with her life by stepping back as a lawyer, so she’s ready to start a new life with no need for disappearing services.

Will she die? At this point, nothing should make us think so. Nobody is chasing her (except her sense of guilt), and she has no reason to kill herself right now. She could live her life starting from scratch, far from Saul Goodman.

The ending of Better Call Saul must answer this question: it would be enough to no longer show Kim in the final episodes to let us know that she’s just living her life far from everything.

Is Kim Wexler evil?

Kim Wexler is, at the same time, one of Better Call Saul’s most complex and mysterious characters. She is a brilliant and self-conscious girl. She is a competent lawyer who, until the last season of Better Call Saul, has the opportunity to take off on a successful career, an option offered by Cliff Main.

Nonetheless, Kim has always chosen to follow her dark side, which attracted her to a different kind of life. We could say more: between Saul and Kim, Saul has always been the one who acted by instinct, without great awareness, almost like a child (as Howard accuses him in his last episode), while Kim has always had complete understanding and calculation of what she decided. Whenever she could take a step back, she made a firm decision, such as marrying Saul, to commit herself even more deeply to the murky direction of her life.

According to a fascinating theory in the analysis of Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad, both series tell the story of a character who really “breaks bad.” In Breaking Bad, it was Walter White and his transformation into Heisenberg. In Better Call Saul, the hypothesis was that this character is Kim Wexler. Very significant is the U-turn she makes at the end of episode 6 of the last season: a symbol of the fact that she could choose the right path, but with all her intentions, she takes the way of deception, of corruption. “This is where I need to be,” she will repeat to Saul in the next episode when they re-shoot the scene with the fake Casimiro.

After Episode 9, we can assume Kim feels evil when she’s next to Jimmy/Saul. And we finally discovered that she doesn’t feel comfortable in this position. Kim doesn’t like the idea that she makes others suffer, and she’s fully aware that her behavior played a big part in Howard’s death and his wife’s pain. She will now live with the guilt of what she did. She may feel like an evil person, and perhaps she will spend the rest of her life atoning for her sins.

Better Call Saul is ending, and only a few episodes are left. And then, we will have the final answers to all these questions.

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