Better Call Saul ending: what will happen to Kim Wexler?

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The sixth season of Better Call Saul comes to the mid-season break: the seventh episode closed the first half of the season with a shocking cliffhanger, and now the questions remain about what will happen in the last six episodes, which will be distributed from mid-July to mid-August. These will be the episodes that will bring the story of Better Call Saul right before the events we know in Breaking Bad, so the questions are many. What will happen to Kim Wexler? Will we see the death of Lalo Salamanca? How is the Saul Goodman we see in Breaking Bad born?

In this article we will delve into the hypotheses related to the real key character of Better Call Saul: Kim Wexler.

Is Kim Wexler alive in the Breaking Bad timeline?

This is the real question everyone asks. There is not a single mention of Kim inside Breaking Bad. However, there is episode 4 of Breaking Bad‘s third season, in which Saul confesses to Walter White that “I caught my second wife screwing my stepdad”. It’s the scene you find below (minute 1:20):

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This can be connected to the part of Better Call Saul where Kim and Saul get married. On that occasion Saul / Jimmy will say that there are “two previous dissolutions” in his life, confirming the existence of two ex-wives. Kim is therefore the third wife of Jimmy McGill / Saul Goodman. But that doesn’t provide any information about the existence of a third wife alive in the Breaking Bad timeline.

It’s pretty sure Saul isn’t living with Kim during Breaking Bad. He looks in all respects like a lawyer acting alone. Some clues to this can be found in the now famous opening scene of the sixth season of Better Call Saul, in which we watch a team of people seize all the contents of the mansion in which Saul Goodman lived. So many details suggest that at that moment Saul is no longer with Kim Wexler: the clothes that are too bright, the dissolute lifestyle, the viagra in the drawers, all this is not compatible with the way of life that Saul had together with Kim. While it becomes consistent if that is the new life that Saul chose to live after Kim left, for one reason or another.

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The prevailing theory is therefore that Kim is no longer part of Saul Goodman’s life in Breaking Bad. But does that mean she dies in Better Call Saul, or are there other possibilities?

Does Kim Wexler die?

The hypothesis that Kim dies makes sense. She would leave Saul sad and depressed about what happened, and it would justify his total absence in Breaking Bad. Many fans are convinced that “Kim’s episodes are numbered” in the finale of the sixth season of Better Call Saul. And that after Howard’s death before their eyes, the first real tangible consequence of their actions, Kim Wexler’s fate appears sealed.

But there are also enough elements to assume that Kim Wexler can actually stay alive. One of the reasons fans present most strongly is the fact that Saul must somehow become aware of the existence of Ed The Disappearer behind the vacuum cleaner repair shop business card. The idea is that Saul will use Ed’s services for the first time in Better Call Saul. We know that Saul has already used his services before viewers discover Ed in Breaking Bad. And if Saul had really made anyone disappear in Better Call Saul, the only person with whom it makes sense for Saul to use that service would be Kim.

Kim could therefore request the “extraction” service in the finale of Better Call Saul. The reasons could be many: now that Howard died by the hands of Lalo in the middle of last season, Kim could decide to completely change her life, leave Saul and start from scratch. Or it is a choice that the two make by mutual agreement, in the perspective that the two will meet again in the future.

Kim could therefore die in the events that will occur at the end of the season, or her character can evolve and take a different direction from that of Saul, by personal choice. And this would depend above all on the psychological evolution of the character.

Is Kim Wexler evil?

Kim Wexler is at the same time one of Better Call Saul‘s most complex and inscrutable characters. She is an extremely shrewd and self-conscious girl. She is a brilliant lawyer, who until the last season of Better Call Saul has the opportunity to take off on a successful career, an opportunity offered by Cliff Main.

Nonetheless, Kim has always chosen to follow her dark side, that attracted her to a different kind of life. We could say more: between Saul and Kim, Saul has always been the one who acted by instinct, without great awareness, almost like a child (as Howard accuses him in his last episode), while Kim has always had full awareness and calculation of what she decided. Whenever she could take a step back, she made a strong decision, such as marrying Saul, to commit herself even more deeply to the murky direction of her life.

There is a very fascinating theory in the analysis of Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad: that both series tell the story of a character who really “breaks bad”. In Breaking Bad it was obviously Walter White and his transformation into Heisenberg. In Better Call Saul, the hypothesis is that this character is Kim Wexler. Very significant is the U-turn she makes at the end of episode 6 of the last season: a symbol of the fact that she could choose the right path, but with all her intentions she takes the path of deception, of corruption. “This is where I need to be”, she will repeat to Saul in the next episode, when they re-shoot the scene with the fake Casimiro.

The entire conclusion of Better Call Saul‘s final season revolves around how Kim and Saul process Howard’s death from their misdeeds. They will probably have to stage a suicide to clear themselves, but the real game is played within their conscience. And according to this theory, Kim may even be the most solid and determined to move forward, while Saul, in his instinctive logic, may begin to have a lot of remorse, and this could separate the paths between the two. Following the parallel between Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad above, in the equation Saul takes the place of Jessie Pinkman, who at the end of his life will end up doing what he wanted, but locked up in a cage, living a life that it is no longer his. Exactly how it will happen to Saul, transformed into Cinnamon Gene.

So will Kim Wexler be the character who breaks finally bad in Better Call Saul? Maybe. And that may be the reason why Saul and Kim will go their separate ways. For Kim, however, the writers were extremely skilled and gave no clue as to what might happen. It will therefore be necessary to wait for the end of the series. And the pleasure / regret of seeing one of the most satisfying visions in the history of TV series come to an end.

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