What’s the song in the new 2022 Vicks Vaporub commercial?

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“Touch Of Care” is the series of commercial produced over the years by Vicks Vaporub. They have been different year after year, and also customized by country, but recently the one releases in United States sparked everybody’s attention: it’s a heartfelt advert that paid homage to caregivers, a very important profession of our society, and the song we can hear on the background gives a sense of harmony and melancholy that remains, even after the spot is over.

You can find the latest Vicks Vaporub commercial visible here.

The new Vicks commercial: what’s the song?

The song featured in the new 2022 Vicks Vaporub commercial is Carry You, released by Ruelle in 2018. You can find below the official video of the song.

Ruelle ft. Fleurie - Carry You (Official Video)

Talking about its lyrics and their meaning, Carry You is a song about feeling sad and lonely in certain moments of our life. But even when we feel lost and in despair, somebody is always looking after us. It is therefore a song that sends a reassuring message.

Below you can find the lyrics that we hear in the commercial:

I know it hurts
It’s hard to breathe sometimes
These nights are long
You’ve lost the will to fight

I will carry you
I will carry you

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