Disney+ Percy Jackson series: when is the release date?

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Among the many news that are coming from the Disney+ world and the TV series production in general, there is a title that is definitely attracting attention in last months: it’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians, an upcoming TV series that will land on Disney+, based on the fantasy character Percy Jackson created by the American novelist Rick Riordan. People is hungry for more details about cast, release date and curiosities. In this article we will give you all the updated news about it.

There is huge hype around the project, because we are talking about a series of best sellers books all around the world. During 2022 Disney+ made the announcements of important names in the cast, the 13-years old Walker Scobell will play the protagonist and all the other main roles are already linked to a known face. Still many questions are open: let’s list them and try to guess an answer.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: when is the release date?

No official release date has been announced yet by Disney+ for Percy Jackson and the Olympians. But we can assume that the series won’t probably see the light before the second half of 2023.

The project is in the talks since 2020, and Rick Riordan has been talking with Disney team since then. The green light, hovere, arrived only in 2022. Back in 2020 Riordan was speculating about how long it would take to write a whole TV show season, and in an interview to CBR back in 2020 he even arrived to guess 2 years of writing process. In November 2020, however, he tweeted about the exchange of the script for the pilot episode between him and Disney+, so we can assume that the writing phase has been progressing during last years, and if it’s not over yet, it could be done this year.

After that there is filming and post-production, of course. The cast has been announced officially over summer 2022, so we could assume filming happening in the end of 2022, more or less. That would bring us around mid 2023 for the release date, if we are lucky.

We will probably have more updated information in the upcoming months.

Is there a trailer for Disney+ Percy Jackson series?

No, the trailer, is not yet available, as filming hasn’t started yet. Let’s still wait some more months before having at least the first images from the scenes.