Brendan Fraser: why did he gain weight?

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Brendan Fraser is one of the most recognizable faces of Hollywood: we remember him perfectly for movies like The Mommy or George Of The Jungle. But in last years we assisted to a drastic change of his look, and his recent comeback on the spotlight showed us a differently-looking person. His fans are many, obviously, so the question about his weight is natural: why did his body change so much? Is it related to roles that he has to play, or to private life or health issues? Here you will have all the answers.

Personal life and career

In 2010 Brendan Fraser had to stop making movies: being his own stunt led to many injuries and he needed to go in and out for years. And this happened while he also had to go through the divorce from her wife, Afton Smith, after almost 20 years of marriage. All this represented a big difficulty for him, and the weight he gained during these years was his reaction to the issues of his life.

Recently, however, Brendan Fraser is bringing back all aspects of his life. He’s back, smiling at people who loves him and providing reassuring messages to his fans, as recently happened at Orlando’s Megacon.

Brandon Fraser: is the weight related to his next roles?

Generally speaking, no. Brandon Fraser didn’t gain weight on purpose because of a specific role he had to play. But the question arises because he will be the protagonist of Darren Aronofsky’s next movie, The Whale, out in 2023. In this movie, he will play a literature instructor who’s fighting his issues with the teenager daughter by eating without control. In the perspective of this role in the movie, of course any eventual weight loss plan has not been taken into consideration recently.