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Many times, we struggle to find the right gift to give. We want to make it special, but somehow we always give the same old boring things we gave in the past.

If you find yourself in this situation, you could try making your next gift more personalized or giving instead a wonderful experience. Another idea is to do something creative in DIY or simply giving your time and company.

Something Personalized

If you are planning on giving something to someone, don’t give them the same thing that you would give to everybody else. Even if both your mother and sister like chocolate, don’t buy two bars of the same taste and size. Do a bit of research instead and see what each one of these ladies truly likes and why.

The best gift is something the receiver feels as though you put some thought and effort into it. For example, if your best friend is an Aquarius or Pisces born in February, a great idea would be to surprise her with a February bracelet or birthstone ring. Not only is it beautiful and filled with color, but it is also something she can wear that has personal significance. Also, it will serve as a reminder of you and how valuable your friendship is.

The key is choosing something unique, something that represents what the other person believes in or who she is. By doing so, you will make her feel two of the greatest feelings any human being can experience: gratitude and appreciation.

An Experience

What better gift to give than something long-lasting and precious? The next time you have to buy a present for someone you care about, buy an experience instead of something material. Plan a picnic or a night at the movies. Make a reservation at his favorite restaurant or go to Disneyland if that is what he likes. And take as many pictures as you can.

Even though it sounds like a cliche, what people remember most are moments in their lives and the people they shared them with. You probably recall spending a quiet afternoon in the company of your grandmother or taking a walk in the park with your friends. But you might not remember the exact clothes you were wearing that day or what park you were in.

Both sadness and happiness are built from instances in our lives. So make one of those instances great for that person. As we get old, things fade, but happy moments in time remain in our memories.

A DIY Item

If you cannot afford something personalized or have the time to plan an event, then make something. It doesn’t have to be something complicated and sophisticated. You don’t need to be an expert in DIY, a professional designer, or an engineer. All you need to do is care. If you do, you will take the time to make something special.

If you have no idea whatsoever on what to make, you could consider the following:

  • What does he need? What would be something useful for him to have? If he just started working as a salesman, you could make a simple cardholder.
  • What can I do? Everybody has some creative talent. Most people possess more than one. Chances are if you think deep enough, you will figure out what yours is.
  • What will make her happy? Many times people get what they need for their birthday instead of what they want. If what she needs is not pressing and essential, think about what she would like.

Asking yourself these and other questions will give you a solid starting point and several ideas on what to make.

You and Your Time

Everyone is busy. Given enough money, there is no single person on earth living in a developed city who would say no to having a personal assistant. As long as he is reliable, friendly, and honest, it would be the perfect gift.

Of course, most of us cannot afford to hire a personal assistant for ourselves, let alone for someone else. Still, we could become one for a few days. If a close colleague of yours is celebrating his birthday soon, why not offer to help him clean the house this weekend? Why not run a few errands for him so that he can take a break? Simple things like washing a few dishes, doing the laundry, or cutting some plants go a long way.

Best of all, by helping others, you will also feel good about yourself. Whoever said true happiness is found when you give was right. What better way to celebrate with another person than by saying I am here for you. I want to help you because I care.

There you have it, four great gift ideas for that next special occasion. These are simple things that will make anyone happy. They will also make them realize how special it is to have you in their lives.

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